14 minutes of gameplay of the Scientific and Fantastic Thriller Fort Solis

14 minutes of gameplay of the Scientific and Fantastic Thriller Fort Solis

The IGN portal in collaboration with the publisher of Dear Villagers and the developers of Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games presented 14 minutes of the exclusive new game process Fort Solis, a thriller with a triple in the role of Whayette Taylor, along with Jack Larya (Roger Clark) and Jessica Epplenton (Jessica Braun) in which players spend lyrics through one long and terrifying night on Mars.

Fort Solis action takes place in the future, when humanity already has a station on Mars. The main character of this game is engineer Jack Lary, who, in response to routine anxiety, arrives at the titled Fort Solis. Although at first it looks abandoned, events quickly begin to get out of control. During his stay in Fort, Solis Liri learns the truth about the place and purpose for which he was created, and finds out what happened to his staff.

Fort Solis will be released on PS5 and PC on August 22.

Guys, and advise some film about space, station and man on it -there is a type that in this game.
I love this.

You can look at passengers or a Martian, but you probably already watched them.

I advise you not to watch all this Hollywood nonsense, leading away from the truth and real reality. And immediately watch a documentary. See all the interviews with Johan Fritz, Corey Hood, Randy Kramer, Tony Rodriguez, Dyril James, William Topkins and other participants and veterans of TKP. And then you may already find out that humanity has been on Mars (and not only) already since the 40s of the last century. Yes, and a lot of things are waiting for you very interesting if you start to study the topic of TKP. And then you will understand that all these "as if" Hollywood fantastic films (and games there) have always been about it! Filmed and shown specifically in order to gradually prepare people for the topic of TKP. To come when it comes "Disclosure" All this global, simply prohibitively, incredible topic, people did not go much to the roof. What is doubtful, because not everyone watches films and play games, so that when "The fact that it will begin will begin" (very soon) understand what is happening. It’s time to start seeing the world as it really is. And not in the form of all the lies that were laid in us from childhood, for example, that we are alone in the universe. Yes, alone, in an almost infinite universe, among a billion galaxies, with its star systems and planets. Not to mention the existence of a multi -universal and in general other dimensions. But with all this, life appeared only on Earth. How fabulously we were lucky, however. Laughter and only. And many are still seriously ready to believe in it. In general, someone tried very hard and still tries to "herd" did not know that there was something more than easy "eat, shit, sleep and breed". It is sad, but this system of monitoring consciousness and lies worked and still works just wonderful. Indeed, so far many are still in the illusion that there is nothing outside the everyday life (life of an ordinary person), therefore, the time is not worth it to spend true in search. Yes, and they consider crazy. Nope is not necessary, I do not want to leave my comfort zone, it’s more familiar and more reliable. You can’t get out of the herd. I think I clearly explained. Dare friend, make your choice.

P.S. "The matrix is ​​everywhere, she surrounds us. Even now she is with us. You see her when you look out the window or turn on the TV. You feel it when you work, go to church when you pay taxes. A whole world pounded in the eyes to hide the truth. That you are just a slave, neo. Like everyone, you are in chains from birth, from birth in a prison that you do not feel and do not touch. In the dungeon for the mind. "

"It’s not too late to refuse, then there will be no way back. You will take a blue tablet, and the fairy tale is the end. You will wake up in your bed and believe that it was a dream. You will take a red pill – you will enter the country of miracles. I will show you if the rabbit is deep. Remember: I just propose to find out the truth, nothing more. " (Morphius)

How much true and truth is shown in the trilogy of the matrix. If most people only understood and knew it. The world in which we live, it would have long changed for the better. But so far we have what we have.