According to the authors, Lords of the Fallen could not work without PS5 and Xbox Series X/S capacities

According to the authors, Lords of the Fallen could not work without PS5 and Xbox Series X/S capacities

One of the largest and most exciting features of Lords of the Fallen is the opportunity to move from the land of the living (axiom) to the land of the dead (Umbrail). It’s easy to return so simply – for this you need special, sacred places. But when you are in the axiom, you carry a lantern with you, which allows you to look into the world of undead when you want to tear the fabric between the worlds and see what differs on the other side.

Given that on both sides of the borders between the living and the dead there are unique ways, enemies, characters, treasures and bosses, you will want to use this ghostly tool quite often.

But, of course, the simultaneous rendering of the two worlds and the streaming of two sets of data about the environment is a considerable feat. And, if it were not for the unique set of functions provided by the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S hardware, this, most likely, could not be at all.

“The new generation consoles were really a blessing for us,” explains the head of the studio and executive producer HexWorks Sol Gascon. “The combination of PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Unreal Engine 5 is when all the stars came together. This is the equipment and ease of use of Unreal Engine 5 – we would not have managed without them “.

Gascon explains that it is precisely the interaction between the worlds that the team wanted to pay attention to this game, and the dark part of Lords of the Fallen is a cornerstone on which any other element of the game will be based.

“In narrative and mechanical terms, this is whole. Streaming in both worlds at the same time and the opportunity to interact with both – that is why we launch only on these platforms. Because if we try to launch the game on the old equipment, it will not work “.

Cesar Virtos, Creative Director of HexWorks, adds:

“We can put Lords of the Fallen in your dishwasher, if you want, but it all depends on how beautiful you want the game to look. It’s all about immersion. In the end, the technology (whether it is hardware or engine) should ensure immersion. You must be immersed, and there should be no contradictions with the technology. Dying, you get into Umbra – all this should be in the game “.