An announcement of the removal of the possibility of exchange in Rocket League angry players

An announcement of the removal of the possibility of exchange in Rocket League angry players

Rocket League is a game that is very popular, first of all, thanks to the high quality of the gameplay and the fact that it is free. Currently, the game has gained special fame in connection with the announcement of the removal of one of the favorite functions, which caused great discontent of the players. We are talking about the possibility of exchanging objects.

Psyonix studio, responsible for creating Rocket League, announced on its official website that changes will occur in the near future. Namely, on December 5, the ability to exchange objects between players will be disabled. The developer explained this solution as follows:

We make this change to correspond to the general approach of Epic Games to cosmetic objects and the rules of the store of objects, according to which objects cannot be exchanged, moved or sold. This opens up the possibility of the appearance of some Rocket League vehicles in other Epic Games games in the future.

The purpose of such a change seems obvious – earn more money. The restriction of object trading between players is aimed at increasing EPIC income from the sale of items.

This is not the first case of economics change in Rocket League. After EPIC absorbed the PSYONIX studio in 2019, schemes appeared in the game with which it was possible to create objects using loans – internal currency, for which you can also buy items in the store. Players exchanged rare objects with each other inside the game, using, for example, the Rocket League Garage website.

It is easy to notice that the players were furious from such a solution, for example, on Reddit. Such epithets as "a shame", "error" and others. One of them wrote:

Exchange is actually half the game! They are going to take this opportunity and pretend that nothing happened? I understand that this is just a game, but, epic, read what people say. How much are you guys, divorced from the community? You generally played your game? You understand that trade – correct, was a huge part of the game that the players loved? This is a completely erroneous solution.

Some blame the developer that he did nothing for several years to improve the game, did not communicate with the players and destroyed his game with his solutions.