Baldur’s Gate 3 was called the best game last month by players PlayStation

Baldur’s Gate 3 was called the best game last month by players PlayStation

PlayStation reported that Baldur’s Gate 3 became the winner of the vote "The choice of the player" on PlayStation in September. The game, published on PS5 in early September, competed for this title with many other games, including heavyweights such as EA Sports FC 24 and Mortal Kombat 1.

As part of a monthly survey dedicated to the choice of favorite games that came out in a particular month, in September of this year, PS5 players seemed to vote for Baldur’s Gate 3. According to PlayStation Blog, the voting criterion is the players of one game, published in a particular month, which they would recommend to a friend.

In addition to the fact that Baldur’s Gate 3 was recognized as the best game of September, she also took second place in the top of the best downloaded games for PS5 in the PlayStation Store for the month. In the first place in the ranking was the annual sports game NBA 2K24, and in the second – Baldur’s Gate 3.

Even the sonboys chose not their own "Exclusive", And all recognized

Not everyone, don’t deceive!😁

I can’t imagine how this game can not be loved, or the person did not play it, or played no more than 2 hours. Plot, variability, the amount of content, which would have enough for several games, I think this will not work for many more years.

But I don’t understand how this game can only be loved for variability and turn a blind eye to all problems. Is it really enough for you to love the game? And I am not enough. I played a reliable version in the region of 30 hours, but I could not stand it anymore. Returned back to the normal top games. In my opinion, BG3 in terms of quality is inferior to almost all popular Japanese RPG 2023.

In fact, variability is the only advantage of BG3 over other games. But everything else is done so -so. Honestly. Do you really like a curve? Do you really consider a system of relations between characters a quality? The fact that for characters sex is just sex and love between them at all – are such relationships interesting? Really the third act of the masterpiece of Gamdev? I did not reach 3 acts, but a friend is very unhappy with 3 act, and I have no reason not to trust him.

Do you really have a choice to make a choice in the plot, and then watch how the game throws a cube and your choice cancels? Why do you need this cube mechanics at all? I don’t understand.

Graphics in the game are beautiful, I recognize. But could the outfits really add to the settings the inclusion of a normal camera from 3 faces during the study of the world? Why should I put mods for this? Do the breasts themselves do not see that they made a very beautiful game? So the camera from 3 faces begs by itself?

Is the plot well spelled out? Yes, the plot is basically not linema. But being nonlinear does not mean to be well written. Therefore, honestly, it would be better if there was no non -linearity, but the plot would be much better and more powerful.

Questions, questions, and again questions. Too many things that repel from the game.

Well, you are pancake alone so well done, and the game is appreciated so highly unknown why. I will answer all your claims. 1st. The interface suits me the 2nd sex and there are enough for me in my life, and the relationships of the characters of a lot, well, you don’t know that everyone has a personal quest and during it the worldview of each character can be changed by communicating with them, I went through the game 4 times And just because of the relationship, all the bvlo in different ways, someone left, and in one version, everyone remained and I was idolized by one character Lazael, thanks to the conversations, I betrayed the guitars and became me devoted, and not so military, and even when I Beded the Medykytych, she only snorted "Well, everything now he will not go away from to". And Astarion, I was not arranged by the first option when he became the lord of the vampires, destroying his master in his personal quest, as in the second passage I courted him and gave blood every night, even twisted a novel by a male character (dirty, but it is necessary) and Voila) He abandoned power and went voluntarily about me. And Karllah and Will would have killed each other if it weren’t for me and Will later received punishment because of her in the form of horns and they wandered each other to call each other and she was very happy for him when I terminated him in the 3rd act The contract and in addition saved his father, showing it, through the larva, the past, then his son is the hero and there they thanked me with a whole Santa Barbara, then you knew that the wolf that Sedouhart was afraid of in her leads is her father? And her sect was deceived and I will have to help save my parents and solve their fate together. For you there is little of this relationship with the characters? And this is only about 10%, you could not see the main ones, since they have not reached the 3rd act, as in it, and the coolest battle with the devil. In the 3rd act there are many events and quests do not need to take it in terms of it, it completes the stories of all the characters, where all your actions get consequences. It was very cool to finish the witch from the swamp who took root here and once again the girl, whom I returned my husband Zombie. The mechanics of the cube did not affect me for her every character was every pumped skill and clothes for almost 100% success and this is the rules D&D explain for a long time. As for the plot, it is completely rushed out in the 3rd chapter where you will understand that the true enemy is not ilitides, that all your actions and relationships will pop up in the finale and understand how you will allow you to advise the world. That I did not convince?

Imagine that in the 23rd year there are still natural ones, then you will understand everything

1st I in the mirror I see every day the 2nd in this game the main plot and gameplay, and who is looking for such topics well, good luck to that 3rd opinion of such a troll does not interest me.

He passed it completely, probably all the corner, but would not call this game a masterpiece as many call it here. The plot is good, variability comes down simply to the number of ways to kill someone. There are not so many content, it took about 50 hours to pass. I started the second passage, but quickly tired.

Congratulations again!!

I like a toe I play PC all kinds of remasters of remasters Re, AC, FC by

Because there are no Starfield fans on the shoulder?))

And that was good)))

Well, yes, in your Starfield wherever you throw handsome people, so many memes that even laziness is too lazy to throw away a photo. All the characters in the BG3, on the contrary, are super, go to the ophthalmologist, although in your case it is better to the psyche.

I want something like in Dark Crusade only at 700 thousand

And the players in Tetris were not appointed for an hour that no?! Well then this is not a game of a month, and even a year!😃

Eeeeh, a good game, but the mechanics were completely upset. They like a little, with the last patch did not even check. Personally my opinion – the Larias could not in the BG, have not grown yet. I have nothing against them, they have normal games.

A new toy will come out, and you will also be snot, and dissolve saliva proved that this is the game of the month))) And then more, and more! )))

Well, since there is no one to compete with.

There is nothing more on the curling iron.

And what the hell are giants? This fifashka, who is the same from year to year? They play it, but this game can not even be put in the top, since in fact the game of 2015, which is a little cheating and after fed to the people.

And the phanting is a giant? Maybe among fans and yes, but in general, this game is hard to call a giant. There are far from many people plays against firewalls.

Baldurs stupidly have no competitors on a curling iron. And indeed this year. And that’s why she is a leader.

Pisets’s game as overestimated. There are so much shouting about the plot options, when there is only the development of the plot there – the same type and very predictable.

In the game, besides the fact that a bear can fuck you, there is nothing more memorable. Just a good, adherent game and no more.

And it is very sad from this, since even I admit that such a game may be the best in the year – it fell so low the game industry. Eh, very offensive.

The same type. It is immediately clear that I did not play.

Since I even admit that such a game may be the best in the year – it fell so low the game industry. Eh, very offensive.

The navel of the Earth was found. In fact, the NN looked in YouTube some kind of chela who decided to hip and this plebeian decided that he was a kapets how to understand the games, and let’s express my opinion on PG

So type of same type that:
-there cannot be two identical passages due to random
-you can kill almost anyone and the plot continues
-Three acts are completely different in design/atmosphere, etc
-If you leave the location when you urgently need to save a person, it dies
-Dialogs/Buffs/objects/endings open depending on your team

For a person with problems in grammar, this game may not come in.

Everything listed is the usual nonlinearity in the plot. But gameplayo game is still very same type. That is, I am convinced once again that many players are ready to close their eyes to all the shortcomings of the BG3 only because it has non -linearity in the plot and additional.quests.

I would prefer a purely linear plot and additional.quests, but with a better implementation of all other things. What prevented the Larias from making a normal convenient interface? What prevented such a beautiful graphone game from adding a convenient camera from 3 faces during the study of the world? What prevented the 3rd act of normal? What prevented to add the ability to disable the effect of the cube in the dialogs to the settings so that the cube does not cancel the choice of the player? Well, so that the player really makes the choice, and not some random?

For me, BG3 pulls with strength to 6-7 points. No more. Too many questions for the game. I think almost all the popular RPG from Asia in 2023 is a cut above the vaunted gate of Baldur.

P.S. I played in the revenue BG3 in the region of 30 hours, and then I could not stand it. Not my games. I’m used to higher quality in RPG genre.

And what prevents you from spending one minute to decompose "Unrealistically clogged" How many write inventory? What interferes (if you want so much) connect a gapad and play like from 3 faces? Which prevents specifically explaining the problems of the 3rd act (stuffing without arguments by type "they cut a lot, promised, they were not done" without explanation = 0).
About the cube is generally funny, that is, you want to cut off the Cor of DND mechanics from the DND of the game? Genius.
I show by the way unrealistically clogged, uncomfortable and so on I have inventory

Perhaps even BG3 is drawn to the game of the month – here I agree with PS5 users. But the year does not pull the year. The project is too weak 6-7 points by force. In terms of quality, it is inferior to almost all popular new JRPG 2023, if we compare. I was enough in the BG3 after the release for 30 hours (about 10 I played before the release). I could no longer stand it anymore. Returned to play normal top -end games.

I don’t understand where the BG3 gets so many praise reviews, given a huge number of shortcomings. The curve is an uncomfortable interface, a poorly designed system of relationships between the characters (for characters sex is just sex, and not because they love each other), the third act was made on the knee (I did not reach the 3rd act, but I saw a friend and heard a lot of negativity from him about 3 act). In general, on all fronts of the BG3, a typical RPG is a middle peasant, which has only one well -developed feature – non -linearity! How little players need to praise the game – they gave the players nonlinearity, so they immediately closed their eyes to all the shortcomings. Funny and sad.

Nevertheless, a huge number of games are made worse than the BG3, so I can quite understand why the BG3 became the game of the month by polls on PS5. The main thing is that the game is not given the year. Such games of the year should not receive. I said everything. Dot.

"The third act is made on the knee (I have not reached the 3rd act".
You can stop there and not read more.

PS: BG3 – a game of the year, you can even prove the opposite with foam in your mouth, but the fact is a fact.

This happens – sex is just sex.

This is not the case with the friend with whom you are a light friendly flirting wanted to stir up?

What nonsense did you write ? This is an awesome game. With an atmosphere, music, adult content, with reiglable, etc. D. So not.

Well, of course, Starfield was not brought.

Soniboi though .. Fans of quality, but not the same as to play Calfield, lol.

In general, if you think about it, then MK even did a huge borrowing to sonibo, they saved them from shitty game. They did not spend money, no time, no nerves on it.

This is a subredredite? Sabreddite after all? So, know everything that I prefer forks, but I bought a spoon only to eat guans.

From the very beginning, as soon as they announced that Starfield would become a console ixbox exclusive, then some of the sonboys immediately ached

"From the very beginning" only "Selected" knew that in fact the Starfield was actually. The rest focused on statements and waited for him. How much is now aching?

They can only sympathize with them. I wonder how much they took the box after Starfield’s exit for him?

Starfield is better, since at least there is a larger thing where to develop

Such a large -scale game that I came across the same locations on every 3rd planet, and the game optimization and the boot screen simulator abused the desire to play completely. Also useless battles in space, which will seem interesting only for the first time, and then you will be sick of them, and how not to mention "Great" Dialogs in the game with wretched facial animations, especially noteworthy when two characters talk to each other, but for some reason both look at you. This is what I understand the game of the year, the game of the year, which would not be nice not to go out at all, and if you go through the year 2-3.

Well, everything is right . The game will develop – not all at once

The game for such a price should go out already ready, or at least interesting, what to say about Starfild, and Todd Howard does not recognize the problems with the game. Yes, and by online games in Steam and reviews, you can understand what is better. Starfild has already dropped below 100k, and the BG3 has already for the second month on the weekend under 300k online

The game for such a price should go out already ready, or at least interesting, what to say about Starfild, and Todd Howard does not recognize the problems with the game. Yes, and by online games in Steam and reviews, you can understand what is better. Starfild has already dropped below 100k, and the BG3 has already for the second month on the weekend under 300k online

Starfield has the price how much! Now you can look how much at kiwi in rubles. The game of your money is clearly not worth. The breasts of the gazebo still cannot release normal patches giving the game to models who will not pay anyway and "Then Todd will say this, we did everything and will throw noodles in ears in the ears" And the models are we jokes for you? . On the expense of the BG3, Hotfix is ​​almost every week and 4 large patch is already expected to be judged by the necessary sources. P.S. Now Starfield fans with bots will fly and they will shit. )