Barbarian Saga 2D-meter-meter-in metro-meter

Barbarian Saga 2D-meter-meter-in metro-meter

Publisher of the Indie-IGR of Barcelona (Spain) Selectaplay and the developer of the Dormidin Studio Indo-IGR reported that their 2D platformer in the Barbarian Saga metro-vanity is PC5, Xbox Series X/S console and Nintendo Switch.

Inspired by classic films and games of the 80s and 90s, such as Beastmaster, Conan and Deathstalker, Castlevania, Golden Ax and Ghouls ā€˜Nā€™ Ghosts, game Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster was developed by two friends who met at the event of a cosplay with a dream Make an indie video game. The team sought to create a world embodied in life with the help of a deeply exciting story drawn and manually animized using hundreds of sketches to revive the world of Arborea.

After a short world, which followed the wars of portals that devastated the country, its inhabitants are now threatened by new winds of war. The New King of the Empire, together with the Holy Kingdom, declared war on the nonhumans, taking advantage of the services of one of the last wizards of Arborea: the XIII cream and their generals. This is the moment of prophecy, the moment when the elected unites people and animals to bring the world.

You are the last of the overlords of animals, use the souls of animals and creatures to transform and advance by adventure. Explore a continuous card in the style of metroid, open new ways and open new routes using your Beastmaster abilities. Evil and witchcraft lurks in all corners.

Gather beads for your ritual necklame: Find fangs, amulets and roots of plants that will change your attacks, vitality or manu. Improve your skills and acquire new objects by participating in duels on different arenas. In battles, cameras at close range and energy panels will be used, as in classic fighting.

Find new sword possessions that your old sensei taught you, use magic potions and cause curses. Thanks to your sword you have the power of God. Throughout your adventure, you will open non-game characters that will give the narrative greater depth, and communication with them will open up new plot lines of the missions (as in the anime series) and completely different endings.