Counter-Strike 2 received a serious update

Counter-Strike 2 received a serious update

Counter-Strike 2 received an update to version (79), which makes a number of significant changes and improvements to the gameplay. The update is already available for loading and takes about 4GB.

One of the main innovations is the addition of the regime "Ordinary", as well as the appearance of new cards – Office and Nuke replace Mirage.

The update added a lot of audio assurances, improved movement, making equipment "Bannichop" more similar to the same mechanics in CS: go with 128 tikrates and, most importantly, added animations of the examination of grenades. Perhaps this is fraught with quick appearance of skins on grenades, but, however, it is too early to judge.

But how to play it ? In Steam there is no either in the English Federation or in European. And then the news comes out, and the sense of them, if it is a closed beta.

So he did not seem to go out yet

Go to the COP GO, maybe you have already been given an invite.

There, for testing, someone was allowed.

you can download from torrent. I checked. There you can only run with bots and maybe get a ban for it. Purely to look at the graphone, you can download xs

The invitation must be received for the game. This situation was still during CS GO 2011-2012.

Caisiki no longer fall in IDLE, trouble-orrent-bezing.

Now you just need to get an increase in the level with an increase with the sticker / skin give a case but only 1 time per week

As for me it is much more convenient than playing all day and at the same time nothing happened to you

True, cases in price sank well, nothing is fixable

Real, but stickers and cases will subside in price, especially stickers.

I don’t play this. However, I have 5 accounts that I have launched AFK every Monday and went to work. And in the evening on the drops I received up to 1 kosar on Igori. And with new keisics, it was possible to raise up to 5k per week. Yes, personally to me – it became very convenient.

It would seem that yes, but what to do when you have 50,100,1,000 Akski?) Playing with handles is more problematic than before on Idla)

I need to upgrade a hundred Akski)

why 2 if CS go has not yet been updated? do not take a lot of yourself?

CS go quitting more years since 2016 probably. Introduced a revolver with AWP damage, then nervous it. And all. In 2017, the interface was changed and all. Nothing new in terms of Rebalance of Czech, revolver, m249, and other junk. There are no new trunks either, although it seems to be planned by Scar 17. On the Internet you can even see animations of shooting and reloading. But apparently they decided to throw all the forces at the new KS

Volvo for **** and when ks 3?

This is when the gameplay changed in CS2. I am for, to be honest. And then in CS go playing is very boring after Call of Duty MW (2019) and Black Ops Cold War. From CS2, I want a new improved gameplay, and not follow the tradition of old CS. In CS you play as a soldier with disabilities who cannot run, dodge left-right, lie, park, shoot from the fly from any weapon, there is no body kit for guns. INSURGENCY (2014) I like more than primitive and dull Counter-Strike.

I hope that Valve will be given users to make mods for CS2, which can change the gameplay. CS 1.6 It turned out. You can also play CS Source, but only with bots.