Dark and Darker developers return money for the Goofundme campaign, fans refuse to accept

Dark and Darker developers return money for the Goofundme campaign, fans refuse to accept

While the curtains are continuing the lawsuit between Ironmace and Nexon, the Dark and Darker fans reached the forums to express disagreement with the recent initiative of the money returning team. The developers returned the major donations of the players a few days ago after the hasty but successful Gofundme campaign lasted about an hour.

As previously reported, the GofundMe campaign was originally started in order to cope with legal costs that will arise as a result of long -term judicial battles with Nexon. It is believed that Nexon is trying to knock out a large budget necessary for litigation from Ironmace, so the team resorted to the help of players. Despite the fact that the Dark and Darker assistance campaign was carried out in a short time, it, to universal surprise, raised more than $ 46,000, showing the degree of enthusiasm for players by the game. However, due to the fact that the initiative to raise funds was hasty, it was abolished by the developers soon Ironmace began to return the money donated by fans. And the recent message to Reddit emphasizes the positive mood of the players dissatisfied with the return.

The community wants the team to take their money and invest in the game, so most users are not enthusiastic about the return. Nevertheless, Ironmace can return money due to possible legal problems that may arise in connection with these donations, or is it just in the goodwill of the team.

There is also the likelihood that shortly after the exclusion of the game Dark and Darker from Steam due to accusations of the theft, a version of early access will be released, the price of which, according to rumors, will be from $ 30 to $ 40. Consequently, the donation campaign would not make sense due to the availability of the version of early access.

While we are waiting for the release of the new playest or version of early access, one of the fans took the courage to create Dark and Darker in Fortnite. Fortnite cards were enough to attract general attention, but it will most likely not be available to the general public due to the conditions of Epic Games regarding the new Fortnite editor.