Dave The Diver sales exceeded 1 million copies

Dave The Diver sales exceeded 1 million copies

The first game of Mintroket – Dave The Diver – has won global success since its exit on June 28.

Dave The Diver enjoys great attention from critics, having received an impressive estimate of 89 points on the Metacritic and Opencritic platforms. However, recognition of the game is not limited to critics. As evidenced by more than 23,000 reviews of players, many users who played this game evaluate it positively.

The game Dave The Diver, characterized by a bright pixel 2.5d art, many unusual characters and unexpected plot scenes, already after entering the market attracted a large number of players.

Director of the game Jaeho Hwang expressed gratitude to the active game community, thanking it for the reviews, which led to numerous systemic improvements and error corrections. Khvan thanked the players for their participation in Dave Divera’s journey.

The game combines adventure genres, role -playing and management. In the afternoon, users explore the secrets of the blue hole, and at night control the successful restaurant of land, creating an exciting game cycle.

The element of unpredictability gives the game casual combat and collector gameplay with elements of the sling genre. Players can dive into a constantly changing "Blue hole", Catch fish and various creatures using harpoon and other tools, as well as upgrading equipment using the collected resources and profit of sushi-restaurant.

Charming eccentric characters and frivolous narrative, replete with jokes and jokes, make the game even more attractive. The combination of 2D/3D graphics allows you to convey the breathtaking underwater landscapes of the real marine environment – "Blue hole" – and more than 200 species of marine inhabitants.

The main game cycle is complemented by a variety of additional content. Mini-games, side tasks and numerous storylines offer players many hours of diverse gameplay and entertainment.

After starting the game, Mintroket actively reacts to players’ reviews, releasing a series of corrections aimed at optimizing the gameplay. In addition, those who want to play Dave The Diver on a portable platform can expect a game of the game on Nintendo Switch at the end of this year.