DEAD Or Alive 5 and 6 Yohehei Simbori gamed Director returned and works on Tekken 8

DEAD Or Alive 5 and 6 Yohehei Simbori gamed Director returned and works on Tekken 8

Fans of the Dead or Alive series from Koei Tecmo are surely remembered by the name of Yohey Simbori, who stood at the helm of Dead Or Alive 5 and Dead Or Alive 6. After some break, he returned to the industry and is working on Tekken 8.

The news began to spread a few days ago when his name appeared in the Tekken 8 demo version, but now this has been confirmed. Mr. Simbori returned to Bandai Namco in a new quality – assistant gamer and producer of a new promising fighting.

He officially announced his new role today on the website X (formerly Twitter).

Simbori’s message does not contain many details, but you can read it completely below.

I was going to keep silence before the release date, but now that the game came out, and the company gave me good, I rewrote my profile. Now I help in the development of Tekken 8. I can’t talk about details, but I hope that someday I can tell about it. I hope everyone will like our new game.

Simbori worked at the Koei Tecmo Team Ninja over the Dead or Alive series, starting with Dead Or Alive Ultimate, which was released in 2004. Then he gradually climbed the career ladder until he began to work on Dead or Alive 5 and her reprints as a director, as well as on the excellent Dead Or Alive 6 in a double role – producer and gamer.

He announced his departure from Koei Tecmo in 2021, and since then his activities have been quite quiet. As it turned out, he was busy working on Tekken 8. Now that the cat got out of the bag, fans of his style begin to recognize his strokes in the new promising game Bandai Namco.

Tekken 8 will be released for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S January 26, so a little more than a month remains before the release.

As for the Dead or Alive series, after rumors about the abolition of the early project Dead or Alive 7, we do not know anything about Koei Tecmo plans, if any general. Her beloved heroes survive in the free game Dead or Xtreme Venus Vacation, which has been released for several years, but nothing is known about the new fighting!.