Developers Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League devoted a new trailer to Deadshot

Developers Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League devoted a new trailer to Deadshot

After the captain of the boomerang, King Sharlie and Harley Quinn in the developers of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady introduced a trailer dedicated to Floyda, aka Deadshot. As an experienced shooter, Deadshot treats rifles and pistols well, not to mention fighting at close range with hand guns.

Thanks to the reactive satchel stolen in the hall of justice, it rushes along the metropolis. He also helps when shelling enemies or hanging in place to shoot better. There is also some enmity between him and the green lantern, and it will be interesting to see how it will develop.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be released on February 2, 2024 on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. The action takes place in the Arkham universe, where Brayiniac invades the planet and turns to its side such heroes as Superman, Flash and Green Lantern. The detachment penetrates the city to destroy them and, possibly, stop the invasion. Closed alpha version is scheduled for the period from November 30 to December 4.

Return the White Deadshot already (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Well, he was like Mex, so he was a little dark – which is generally suitable for a common dabble. But I don’t know why to make it straight black and black, they don’t like the Mexicans?
Well, I am more worried that in the Arkham universe he was in three games – and was white. Fuck then make a common universe if you just repainted the character and pretend that it should be so.
Although not only the grandfather was not lucky – Harley was stolen from Harley.

And the developments have an explanation, how it would be a fake Deadshot and its imitator. But now this is a real Deadshot. Probably Harley Quin in the Arkham series was fake, because Harley chopped from the upcoming game well, completely different.

"White" Deadshot is Rick Flag and he was in a film about a suicide squad.

The game even has a joke from a boomerang about this. "Wouldn’t you be white?"

4 characters’ videos and each exactly the same flickering uninteresting gameplay, here "It seems" The difference in every character, yeah

And the pathos in the game, my monitor began to spark)))

OMG, I am in the course of a blind man, but I only noticed the plot of this game, more precisely, the details of its tie
Read and think about it several times, I appeal exclusively to comic book fans "A suicide squad invades the city after the invasion of Brainiak, who lured to his side such superheroes as Superman (by the way it is a character who even unwound the entire justice league in the film, can turn the planet (also in the film), has weakness only to cryptonite and to magic, eats from the sun, withstand the charge of a nuclear warhead and I have only listed the movie scenes, in comics he is many times stronger), flash (the fastest person on Earth, eats from a speedfort with an unlimited supply of energy, knows how to calculate a lot of outcomes of events and and All abilities are even superior to Superman in terms of speed) and a green lantern (a character with an unlimited margin of green lights, for a character with powerful willpower and simply an unlimited imagination, this Persian becomes just a god)
And against these practically demigods are Harley Quinn, who knows how to joke, grimace and improvise, the girl Joker; Deadshot, an ordinary person with an inhuman ability not to miss; The king of the shark, the half -man of the semi -apple is permissible; Captain Boomerang, dude throwing boomerangs; Dude growing with fire (forgot his name, but it seems like El Diablo or something like that, I apologize in advance) and the still dead goddess like a garbage on the head in the form of the moon, this is a terrible girl to get rid of it initially, although I am in a trailer It seems to have not seen; It seems to have listed everyone
As a result, we have a detachment of ordinary people are thrown into the city with the task of stopping three practically the most powerful superheroes. Now, if they created exactly the same plot, but instead of the detachment there would be Batman, I would still believe because Bruce always holds an ace in his sleeve and he has a plan for such situations, Brayniak is so in general from the future like
It’s very interesting for me that they will beat it, or there will be a logical interesting plot what is unlikely, or there will be a dull story campaign of type Clark Kent sits in a push from a jerk of a sword of a shark and inserts a cryptonite in the ass of a type of example, like an example Stupid plot

You also missed the daughter of Zeus and the Queen of the Amazons, who, according to the comics of Superman, is inferior.

But the plot is not the main bottom in the game – there is a gameplay like some kind.

Somewhere in some kind of post I already wrote that the gameplay was not reminded of Fortich, but Marvels Aveners, I catch too bright when watching a trailer-we bend your fingers:
1) a team of the Avengers and a team of villains;
2) view from 3 faces;
3) I suspect that the Persian balance will be the same, that is, the damage that causes a shark conditionally, which, in principle, will be 500 more stronger than any person, and some Harley Quinn will apply the same because we will take Harley to take the gamers, for passing. And the shark, because well, he damage it more, what is the point of rubbing the conditional superman (as I imagine, it becomes funny) 320 damage from Harley, if you can apply 500 sharks, faster obviously;
4) Game-service, initially a disastrous idea for such an idea, imagine a spider or I do not know there a bastard off the thief with a game-service. It is unlikely that there would be the same assessments as now;
5) a cherry on the cake seems to me a Luta system, I’m honest, I’m afraid that they will do it, otherwise, it’s definitely not to become a service with a service, because after passing the plot what to make players in the game how not to shine, but they only managed to learn a bitter the experience of Anzem and Marvels Avengers and whether the division, Varfa or Dustan had a big question whether the experience

Not sink for the sake of, but support for the conversation for the sake. I was always amazed why people always refer to Batman. type "Okay, it would be Batman -there was no where it went. ". Batman is the same ordinary person. That they cannot do 4 baldbes, that Batman can? Everyone has gadgets, everyone has combat experience behind them, everyone can have Ace in the sleeve in the form of a plan and t.D. Difference in IQ if current. but not so much to "There would be Batman, then -yes".

I personally referred to the canon)
Well, and so you yourself answered your question – a question in the brains, but also in money, and this bunch of morons is the most – this is probably Deadshot, although he has emotions in 1st place, well, MB and Harley, no matter how much a doctor of sciences
Well, it is not for nothing that they are guided by a woman who collected them, she is the brain well, but they are weapons
Only Deadshot has gadgets, the boomerang does not obviously fall into this category, and it seems like everything. If you consider gadgets
combat experience. Well, again, Deadshot, Boomerang, if only street showdowns, we attribute Quinn, El Diablo and all.
Ace in the sleeve. Damn, yes, here is a Deadshot again))) Well, Harley, after all, the Joker taught her, she also knows how to do surprises
I’m not saying that Batman could withstand the whole league. No, not so, he could have come up with the mind, it would be much easier to eliminate the most dangerous goals – Superman, Wonder Woman, Lanter and Flesh, preferably one by one at the same time
Well, it would obviously would not climb like these morons one hundred percent will make a crowd with fists on these superheroes, in my case, the advantage of Bruce is undeniable

From the presented trailers, it is quite obvious that they are afraid of the league and climb into the ore do not burn with desire. In general, they would have already unwind them there, if not for the miracle-woman.

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