DLSS 3 increases the frequency of Diablo IV personnel by almost 50%

DLSS 3 increases the frequency of Diablo IV personnel by almost 50%

Since the weekend Diablo IV Server Slam is now open to all platforms, the owners of the GeForce RTX 40 should be interested in the implementation of NVIDIA DLSS 3. It was originally planned to be added to the personnel of personnel to Diablo IV at launch, but a few days ago we learned that it will already be available on the weekend dedicated to Server Slam.

WCCTECH editors tested DLSS 3 on GeForce RTX 4090 in the city of Kövashad, the first hub met in the game. Diablo IV is already working very well, as previous beta tests have shown, so it makes no sense to combine the generation of personnel with the DLSS supercretion, since the frame rate will be much higher than the majority of 4K displays can even provide in terms of the update frequency.

However, NVIDIA and Blizzard Entertainment were introduced into the DLAA game (Deep Learning Anti-ALIASING). This is great news, because it allows owners of GeForce RTX to use the advantages of tensor nuclei to improve smoothing and provide more pure image quality, when the additional productivity of the DLSS Super Resolution is not required. While for solitary games there is a shell called Dlsstweaks, which can activate DLAA in games compatible with DLSS, DLSSTWEAKS should not be used with online games with Diablo IV, as this can easily lead to a ban caused by antichiter software.

However, as mentioned above, the DLAA was originally implemented in Diablo IV, and testing was carried out by DLSS 3+DLAA pairs.

The average frequency of personnel has increased by about 31 FPS, although in percentage it is only 19.5%increase, given that the game is already working quickly. Indicators of 1% percentiles per second showed a similar increase in performance by 26.4 FPS (or 21.8%).

Nevertheless, the percentile of 0.2% has registered a very significant improvement in performance by 45.6 frames per second, or 47.4%, when the DLSS 3 turned on. This means that the lower outbursts of personnel frequency are much higher with the frames generation, which should serve as a good omen for those large -scale battles with world bosses, where many players clog the screen with spells and abilities.

Diablo IV is released on June 6 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X.