For Lords of the Fallen, the first part of the festive update “Fun season” has become available

For Lords of the Fallen, the first part of the festive update “Fun season” has become available

HexWorks, CI Games, announced the beginning of the “fun season” in Lords of the Fallen. The first part of this free festive update, consisting of two parts, for role -playing game in the dark fantasy genre begins today with the “Orena Offer” and will continue on December 21 with “testing three spirits”. Between the two parts of the “Fun season” represented a number of new functions, including three completely new quests, each of which opens a new unique set of armor and weapons, new spells, completing techniques, shells, completely new fights, and another.

Features of the “proposals of Orius”:

  • New spells: six new spells, including the destructive “sacrifice”, “throw of the shining shield” and “shot of the holy arrow”, which further expands the already wide range of magical attacks.
  • New shells: now there are three new shells at the disposal of the players, including “Bloody vomiting”, “explosive mines” and “ice worms”, with the help of which you can deal with opponents from afar.
  • New abilities of the boss weapon: after a very positive reaction of the community to introduce the abilities of the boss weapon in an earlier update, players can now unlock unique powerful abilities for all the weapons of the boss, including the eruption of the jumping flame with the help of a large sword of abbotis and the stream burning of blades with a large ground of the father of misfortune. After completing certain “secret tasks”
  • Seasonal jewelry: Mornsteda ruins were modestly decorated with festive jewelry in honor of the fun season.

December 21 – “Testing three spirits”.

  • Test of three spirits: three new quests, three new residents of armor, three new weapons. Each of them represents one of the three gods – the radiance of Orius, the horn of Adir and the mysterious Umbra – the players will have to overcome some difficult trials to get such awards.
  • Resetting the appearance of the character in the game: a function that is in demand by the community. Players will be able to change the name of their character, body shape and floor, skin tone, hair color and other physical attributes. As soon as they complete the new quest for the search for fragments of the mirror of the distortion
  • New cruel attacks: each family of weapons now has two unique finishers: one for one -handed possession, the other for two -handed possession.
  • Storage box: another long -awaited function: players will be able to store up to 2,000 items in the chest on the Skyrest bridge to free up space in the inventory.
  • Review of the gamepad: Players will be able to reassign the buttons of the gamepad, having the opportunity to reassign the mouse and keyboard from the start of the launch.
  • Snowballs. Another new throwing item: players can now launch snowballs both in enemies and invaders.

HexWorks also confirmed that Lords of the Fallen updates will continue until 2024 with the introduction of the remaining new functions and improvements set forth in the content plan announced last month. They will include further improvements in PVP and PVE balance, as well as the release of the new game modifiers in the genre of the+system+, which will allow players to completely change and configure their experience.

Lords of the Fallen is available for PC in Steam and Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.