Forza Motorsport received a lot of negative reviews from gamers, both in Steam and Xbox

Forza Motorsport received a lot of negative reviews from gamers, both in Steam and Xbox

Forza Motosport was one of the most high-profile releases of October this year, but because of various problems it was not as well accepted as its predecessors. Despite the fact that critics gave the game an assessment of 84 points, the players who tested it became more and more dissatisfied.

Initially, the game had very high marks on both platforms, but now she was assigned a low rating in both Steam and Xbox. In the Steam service, the average approval score was 39%, that is, it is classified as a game with a low rating. On Xbox, the average rating of the game was 2.5/5, and almost half of the players put the lowest score to the game (1).

If we talk about what the Turn 10 studio offers, responsible for the game, it recently released update with a number of corrections, but it is not yet known whether it will help the game, since the problems that players report are concerned: technical errors, boring plot regime. bad user interface on a PC, confusing settings, low performance, etc.D.

The release of the game on Xbox and Steam took place on October 10, it is also available in Game Pass.

It is strange of course that they crap on the release. A year some unsuccessful for all developments. Starfield Hernya, Khernnya Tsets, MK 1 Hernya, ATSSIN TUPOE DLS. All loud releases crap a liquid

We prepare a place in the cemetery for GTA 6))

Well, there are already at least 2 prerequisites for this: an uninteresting and stupid story with three same characters in GTA 5, the pink logo of the Rockstar on the initial screensavers of GTA 6.

It seems the same thing every year.

COD MW3 (2023), like DLC to MW2 (2022).

Only MK 1 (2023) exception. New content for MK 1 is still ahead.

Not all, Baldures Gate 3. Despite the pile of carved content, the references to which are led to nowhere and a non -grade third act on the release + a bunch of small bugs, the game was worn

Well, where are they the same high -quality races from Turn 10, the farther the worse..

Because the broken drug addicts from Turn10 were asked to make it "we start with the first shooting range and as we pass, we rise higher to hypercars", but not "Anal pumping of details in style "Roll 100500 rink on one car to match the level of more skill races".

You played the game or are hearing a focus on? There is no analal pumping here. You can pump the car only with racing and 3 circles of free races. Sometimes, when the level of the car was slightly higher, I additionally drove 3-5 circles for the championship, which took from4 to 11 minutes. At the same time, pumping into joy, because you get a small advantage over the opponents and the car rides significantly better. Pucking here makes the races more interesting, because each of the 4-6 races are driving by car with different modernization. It happens in the first race of a low -powered car, and after 5 races is light, the car turns perfectly. This is a cool feeling of progress,

Normal people play and do not write unnecessary reviews, I get high from physics in the game and this is a skeleton, the content will be lifted if you will not whine, otherwise it turns out like a drive, criticism should be objective

Dude, the only thing I agree with is with physics. But this shit is flooded behind the fulprase, the fines work through the ass online, the rating is simply not working. The lobby always consists of a mountain of noobs migrated from the choraison. I am generally silent about the schedule, this is a game.

But the wretched arcade choreisan is at the height. Interesting, we have this "Successful" Modern generation of children who have FIFA and Joraisan in the TOP lists and ratings in Europe, and a chic motorsport has 2.5 or really everything in this world is purchased)

Horaisen launched the other day, it seemed very boring. you also need to ride from race to race. Well, yes, they say around all the time how cool you are. That’s why everyone likes her))))

That’s for sure. The game has disadvantages that can be corrected, but there are advantages in the form of excellent physics and competitive bots, interesting battles even with bots, which is usually not in sycquades, arcades. But people became fatalists and put joyfully 1 or 0 points if you don’t like something. The opinion of journalists is more objective and not so taxable

If you do not take into account the technical component of the game, then excellent races actually. I hope to fix it and there will be candy.

If they were initially positioned as just races, then there would be no problems

Everything is right and in the case.

The game did not even reach the FH4 in quality of both pictures and gameplay.

Well, we will be honest with the weakest release of Forza, of course, but still the hope of renewal is warming up. But the demo Japan Drift surprised)

Honestly I’m in shock! it feels like some other game is being discussed. This in the morning I played only and the game is almost perfect. There is nothing boring in it, because you are first offered to choose a car at first, then you can’t immediately put what you want upgrade, you first drive and after you get the rating, you can put something on the car and, in fact, the car does not have time to get bored, because you You always feel progress. Well, yes, I use the steering wheel with feedback. Maybe this is the whole thing. I haven’t tried with the gamepad. My game causes a complete delight, starting from graphics, sound, behavior of computer opponents, how a career is built. everything is delighted. Well, I didn’t climb online, yes. There may be some problems there, but I’m still in my career. I also like how the level of complexity is changing. Very often in games at a light level, after the first circle you are the first and boring, you will increase the difficulty and everything, do not catch up with a detailed tuning, but here is a very successful balance, the first I only when I really laid out, tried, did not fly out, and so on, there is no feeling that the victory was easy or the feeling that it is unattainable. And yes, here you can, in principle, win any of the proposed cars, you do not need to select a specific car because the rest do not go at all. So unreasonably underestimated game. Perhaps the fault is online.

I really liked the seventh part, but there grind is also quite strong to get a car for a million will have to make it up so well for 20 hours

The races are so -so. We were told that this is the restart of the series, a completely new game. And in fact, this is just Forza Motorsport 8.

Jubisoft happened)

Don’t know. I like the game. In comparison with the previous version, here at least with the help of a gamepad you can control. Who does not like simplified control settings, change in the game settings. Grafon is excellent on my Xbox Series X. I turn on the tracer mode.

The only thing that is depressing is poor synchronization, freezes and departures of Xbox Live. After the last update, the situation even aggravated. I can go to the game from the third time. Writes there is no connection with the network, but when the autonomous mode is turned on, the game shows that everything is in order with the Internet. Some kind of crap. I already played with the DNS settings. It doesn’t help particularly. Either with the Xbox servers themselves is some kind of sadness, or I don’t know. Google as they say to help, but I have not found solutions yet. I hope they will correct in the near future, since without online (or such a crooked state) the whole essence of the game disappears.

Korce in vain I rolled a barrel. Problems with the entrance to the game were because of the provider.

Over time they will finish, then it will be possible to try.

It’s good that there is nowhere to buy it now definitely won’t buy it))

Herry should go out the assignment 1.1 where they will fix the endless loading when improved the machine between the races

I am sincerely incomprehensible to the existence of this game, being a fan of Cors "Well, this is not for the steering wheel, you can check the rings with a gapad on a relaxation" (Yes, for me, this is already in the shooting of this collection of the location for the steering wheel, there, connect the pedal, here the steering wheel is 10 minutes to play Sim). There is nothing interesting there, the requirements of horse, graphone, this is the maximum feces (download the ACC there on ultras 120+ FPS in QHD with 26 bots at 3070, on 4k telly, in Ntiva 70+).

Answer to your own question at the beginning of the post. Or do you think someone was interested to find out how you collect a cockpit for 10 minutes to play a completely different genre?

You have forgotten how to read? "I thought I would clean it with a gate at Telik, lying on the bed, wrapping circles on memorized tracks", This is how context sounds. Or you need to make a bibs from A to chew? Further memorized tickets on the exam, the attic refuses to think?

Well, physics is even more or less, in fact, this is the only less or less of what is in this craft, taking into account that it is a Simcade. On the gapad ok, on ancient rudders ala logite is also probably norms, but only according to the gamed

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