Gamesvoice reported the release date and showed the roller of the Russian voice acting A Plague Tale: Requiem

Gamesvoice reported the release date and showed the roller of the Russian voice acting A Plague Tale: Requiem

GamesVoice studio, which is engaged in the translation and voice acting of the games, made an unexpected surprise and announced the completion of the main work on the English dubbing of the game a Plague Tale: Requiem. The release is expected this month July 21.

According to the authors, they worked quietly on dubbing for several months and involved more than fifty actors.

We do not want to disclose all the cards prematurely, but in order to warm up interest, we note that the role of Count Provence, Viktor de Arle, was performed by the beautiful Vladimir Zaitsev, and the worker had to puff a charismatic Alexei Kolgan for the slave trader. If there are not enough words, see the attached video. Just in case, we warn about light spoilers!

I’ll reproduce this zaedur . Thank you .

I agree, the first time was cool, but with voice acting it would be even cooler!

The game is certainly good, but at a time. Here even good voice acting will not make you recall.

No, just like one -time stories, very good. But the gameplay is clearly not for the interference. Too simple and trite, already in the second part is bored, and at least the crossbow gives not to fool eggs anymore, but "Kill, kill!!")

If they do the third part, or the prequel, then the gameplay must be very rebuilt.

Well, just gorgeous. The regiment of beautiful English voice acts arrived! As for me, the English version of the voice acting is very wretched, if compared with the English version from this video. Let’s just say, all those who work on such beautiful English voice acts, one might say, the heroes of mankind. They make the world better. Enrich beautiful games even more beautiful English. Well done!

Well, the British think, as well as about English voice acting

In fairness, sometimes really our voice acting is better than the original. Important clarification – sometimes: very often do not care about this matter.

Than English that version of the wretched?)

I understand everything, joy, etc., the video really did a good job and tried, this is noticeable, although the jambs are still enough for lipsing and the selection of actors, unfortunately. But calling the English voice acting in this game wretched is I don’t know what to call even, hypocrisy or what it is.

Cool, I waited for her, so in July we will play.

Still Vecka’s voice acting

Well, I like the original female voice. He is with an accent. And there is no desire to go through the second time.

The voice of amias is absolutely not suitable. I will recall with dubbing from VEK Channel Group.

The voice of amias here is no worse than in the voice acting from VEK, he’s just different, the actress of 18 years, she is the same age as her character, the voices of Luke and Hugo are not suitable here, Hugo’s voice is girl, and Luke has the voice of an adult man.

It is not at the age of the actress, but in the experience of which she has no. Another thing is when Anastasia Kuznetsova was whose 30 was perfectly voiced by amisi, showed real emotions and conveyed the experience of the main character. What is in the first part, what is in the second. I will say this, in my opinion, frank hackwheat hacks. But as they say, who orders the music, he dances it. For myself, I have already made a choice.

Well, maybe Lisa shows somewhere emotions unnecessarily, and somewhere slightly not enough, but which of us does not do, we are all not born professionals, but learn, improve our skills, I would not say that she voiced completely Bad. Well, Nastya most likely really engaged in voice acting longer, but she was also once a newcomer in this matter, but you complained to the voice, I would not say that Lisa’s voice is worse than Nastya’s voice, and the acting game, perhaps, is worse, worse But just a little bit, I would like Lisa and continue to engage in voice acting and gaining experience. In the voice acting of Vek, the greatest impression is made by the voice of Hugo, the voice fits the character perfectly, the acting game is on top, especially since this is a child. I believe that in general, both voice acts were made by good actors at a professional level, I just remember the voice acting of films in the 90s, which voiced 2 people, and some in general 1 people. Now few can imagine a 10-year-old girl who speaks a 50-year-old man, about emotions in general, I am silent, and the first amateur voices of the games were also 1-2 voils made by schoolchildren, whose acting is generally at the zero level, they simply read subtitles. And now be it a game or a film, each character has his own voice, recorded by a professional actor/actress at the recording studio, and now there are people who criticize these actors and these studios. Well, before they were happy with absolutely any voice acting, even one -footed.

My friend, I did not complain, but expressed my point of view and made a conclusion. Given the experience of voice acting with Gamwies and the bar, what they set, then this is a frank blunder with actors, why are you finding a fault on me, I don’t understand. Lisa, Nastya, what kind of panibrad is such? Everything is relative.