Gloomy role -playing game Darkest Dungeon 2 came out of EGS early access, also debuting in Steam

Gloomy role -playing game Darkest Dungeon 2 came out of EGS early access, also debuting in Steam

The exit from the early access Darkest Dungeon 2, the gloomy role -playing sequel of the popular game of 2016 from the Red Hook studio. The game was released in early access exclusively in Epic Games Store, but with version 1.0 simultaneously marks the debut of games in Steam.

Compared to the early version, publication 1.0 will offer many new opportunities, including an additional character and completed 4 and 5 campaign acts. In addition, the game will become more accessible to beginners – the first expedition will be held in the form of a prologue with abbreviated gameplay and numerous tips. Training materials will also be significantly expanded.

The early version of Darkest Dungeon 2 received a warm welcome. In EGS, the average player rating is 4.7/5. The game is praised for her atmosphere, exciting gameplay and hardcore.

Most players also like the fact that this is not a simple continuation, only the developing content of the original. Instead, the authors offered a completely different game. If the first part was a rather classic role -playing game, then the continuation chose the structure. The passage of the campaign takes less time, but it was designed in such a way that it can be held several times, each time encountering new difficulties. In addition, team members became specific characters with unique personalities. There will be no more that you will go to the adventure with two identical characters. In addition, you travel between the dungeons on the carriage, and these expeditions have its own difficulties and dangers.

The first Darkest Dungeon has developed for many years, and the developers intend to repeat this in the sequel. The game will continue to develop with free updates with new monsters and skins of heroes, as well as improvements in balance and gameplay, after the release of version 1.0 Authors also intend to develop modding tools.

The developers have not yet been said about paid DLCs, but the first part of the series received a series of heat of adopted additions, and it can be expected that the same thing will happen with Darkest Dungeon 2.