“Go sleep”: the player CS2 was banned for 78 matches played in a row

“Go sleep”: the player CS2 was banned for 78 matches played in a row

Brawli Slugy Kochler received a block on the Faceit platform after 78 played matches on Counter-Strike 2 contract. The administrators of the site indicated the unusual reason for the ban – “go sleep

Kochler locking will last 24 hours. Content Maker noted that this is the funniest reason why he was banned in his life.

Faceit is a popular platform on CS2, Lol, Pubg and other games. Ordinary users and e-sportsmen often use it as a replacement for an in-game matchmaking match due to wide functionality.

In early January, Valve conducted mass locks in Counter-Strike 2. More than 3 thousand cheaters were banned, including the best player in the world table Premier-mode.

He decided to join Cyberzhmuram?

Another day and this jack would glue hooves..

Why is that? People did not sleep much anymore and stayed alive.Although the stupidity of the act does not cancel.

The evaluative state of the health of each patient is individually, it is impossible to say for sure whether he would survive or not. Some can flatten it after 8 hours under a row. Or maybe he would have formed a blood clot for 4 hours and hit the heart.

Not to sleep one thing, but playing 2 days in a row is another

Well, yes, but there is a person who lived and walked with an armature in his head, said. Give the reinforcement and substitute your head, it turns out. Repair logic and thinking, Blddyjyazh, why people stopped reading books.

How does not get tired of playing so much, and probably on one card probably ..

How can you play 78 matches in a row in the CS?

It’s time to ban everyone literally!

Hypocritical assassination, all who work in anti -in and

And Shkolot was banned for a free cheat from the Internet.

Because the shkolota is young -year -olds, and the little ones are minors all who plays in the trash and protects it, so you are lucky that you did not indicate your position right in your commentary.

Almost six months on the Prime in MM rolled with cheats, chopped cheats, and from the enemy’s side two to three bastards cut the turntables and vx. And this is with a prime on rating every third – fourth time)

So glad that this parachi is now nothing more than a casino with pair boxes and painted jack on the bundles.

See what are caring (no)

why not? They can save him life. There was a case, one died right in the club. In general, such things can and should be controlled. This is an unhealthy hennya when people sit in games for days – so you can go, not to mention the harm to health. I do not take it from the ceiling, I myself once trembled the days long in Aion. Somehow he sat for 28 hours in the game session, walked away only 3 times to the toilet and warm up the food, ate and drank at the computer – neither sleep nor rest. I do not wish anyone like that, these are the same drug addiction and alcoholism, only more in the psyche beats than on the liver. Fuck, let some limiters sew up, up to such per diem. In Lukyanenko, this is well described in "Labyrinth of reflections".

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