In Dragon Age: Dreadwolf there will be more locations for research than in the previous parts

In Dragon Age: Dreadwolf there will be more locations for research than in the previous parts

Despite the fact that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been in development for almost five years, the details about the fantasy role-playing game Bioware were at best scarce, but it seems that the developer is finally preparing for changes on this front. A new teaser of the game was recently released, and Bioware also confirmed that the full demonstration will take place in the summer of 2024. In addition, in the cover blog, the studio revealed some details about the locations that will be present in the world of the game.

Some of them were shown in the aforementioned trailer: the deserted wastelands and spiers of Anderfels, the green open spaces and the sparkling seas of Rivan (where we will meet him "hardy" and seafarers) and thick, sparkling the city landscape of Antiva (where we will meet ravens, the elite organization of spies and thieves).

BioWare also revealed additional details of the narrative about each of these locations, each of which solves its own unique problems with the emergence. For example, on the shores of Rivan, the guild of treasures Lords of Fortune treasures was expelled due to the increased activity (and aggressiveness) of dragons that destroy the ships of the guild. In Antiv, meanwhile, some mysterious trouble arises in the shade, and the crows are trying to find its source. Meanwhile, underground shocks are shaken by Anderfels, the origin of which remains unknown, and an ominous storm gathers on the horizon.

Interestingly, BioWare said the world of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will have more locations for research than in the previous parts

This time you can see much more than Tedas. Deserted, beautiful idle lambs with curtains of distant mountain spiers. Winding channels and sparkling antiva towers, where a raven can hide in any shadow. Rivein turquoise seas with its violent greens and hardy sailors. And, of course, much more. We thought that it would be better for the story that we wanted to tell this time, and we hope that you will like it the same way as us! This allowed us to create much more locations than in past games, including those in which you have long dreamed of visiting. so those that you have never heard about before.