No dismissal! Playground Games, the creators of the new Fable, opened a new set of employees

No dismissal! Playground Games, the creators of the new Fable, opened a new set of employees

While many studios and publishers conduct a series of dismissal, Microsoft units go against the current and gain a large number of employees. So did Playground Games, developers of the new Fable and Forza Horizon, which opens vacancies for various positions.

So, after the producer of Baldur’s Gate 3 decided to join the developers from the Playground Games, a new set for specific vacancies is opened. As noted in the message on the X/Twitter, the team is looking for a senior game designer, senior level designer and senior designer of missions.

" Want to work on Fable? We have several fantastic vacancies in our designer teams. Take a look", – The message says.

Although this is not news that can change the fate of the game or, possibly, anticipate the release date (still unknown), but in any case this is another confirmation that the development is going on, and we hope, without any failure. In addition, PlayGround Games has repeatedly declared to her fans that they could not be tolerated by everyone "All the wonderful that they created". So let’s see what awaits us in the next few months.

Moreover, Xbox has repeatedly noted that the developers of the game did not want to disclose anything to the public until they were sure of her readiness.

Sure sure. Yes, after their only trailer, it is clear that nothing good awaits us.

Pegach has its own game creating studio? ))

Of course: D And you didn’t know?))

Thank you, for the sake of such a comment I came.

And not easy, and according to the legendary franchise even

Pegach also makes the Forzu.

Pf, this is not even the point
While in Sega or Sonya or the same Jubisophte (by the way, one of the dismissed employees, from where I don’t remember, I already found a job in Riot Games), there is a wave of rampant dismissals, this small company realized that no one has started, it could open a set and thus attract the most valuable to work
Wait a minute, soon instead of subtitles "101 employee Sony" there will be directly opposite headlines
This is already understandable, if only because one company has already given an impulse and almost the same impulse stopped the dismissal trend from which a simple truth comes from – many thanks from all gamers, PlayGround Games, who stopped this, already pretty for*the snowy lump of debtillism
And yes, I understand perfectly well that dismissal is 2 sides of the coin, good and bad, everyone plays, and judges
But personally, I believe that such situations in any case hit the gamers primarily, I mean, to take and dismiss 4 percent of the state, including people who work for more than 20 years (yes, bungi) or even go to extreme measures and Drink 40 percent of the state in the frost (allows, sega) well, this is strong, this should happen gradually to minimize costs and possible problems, and not once! And all

After this, there is no trust in this game at all.

SJW will be furious. XD and I approve of this.

On the right, too. Some kind of porn cheap.

I would take on the right.

I would like to be under her heel, on a chain and so that she could naka in Popchansky with a strapon and a fist, and then let her lick her seed from her legs.)

Niga, a wave of dismissal will follow after an unsuccessful launch.

Not dismissal, but a wave of optimization.

Well, if they initially gave the development of the Larias they had long resurrected Fabel for a long time) They are the best necromancers of our time) If they were resurrected such a colossus as Baldurs Gate, then they will regain the Feel to be thrown back) that there is now any of the Lariana, now there is hope

I, although not a fan of this series, but!
This is the right movement, it’s good.
what will happen there – well, time will tell.
In the meantime, so – good!

Given the e ** o main character who is worse than the atomic war, hopes that the game will be no.Against the backdrop of this hammadrille, even Lazael from BG3 awesome milf.

Okay, we understand.

There is a suspicion that they will release a short game again

5 years have passed since the announcement and only employees are recruited, bravo.

Well, maybe if, like a short, a specialist in variety will be fired, it can go faster, people do not stand up . ,I really really hope that in a thin case they will drop the development and give it to the Larias

Well, the main thing is to have enough money!)

The Pegachi again has problems with the state? Not surprisingly, this game is clearly cursed. Five years of development, one trailer, and now they are gaining people? What did they do there all this time at all? We played a sapper in the office?

Ducc, they are also following this site. All questions to Lemon.

Hospadi with a modern LGBT trash in the development team, it’s even scary to think what will come of it, and the heroine of the heroine of the trailer can instead of screamers to put what she was wretched by the PPC just

Ehh, when such studios will already dial junes

I remember the disk Mamka gave Fable 1, there was 6 or 4 disks. He played for a long time. If Fable 4 does not have English voice acting, it will be 100% failure.

It will not be a failure only because of the absence of a mine of voice acting, it is better so that there was no voices at all, knowing how they voiced

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