The authors of Dead by Daylight revealed a little details about the participation of Nicholas Cage

The authors of Dead by Daylight revealed a little details about the participation of Nicholas Cage

A multiplayer game in the horror genre of survival Dead by Daylicht will receive a new survivor in the eighth year, and his name is Nick. The important news leaked at the beginning of this week, but the other day it became official and real: Nicholas Cage, the person who gave us Nicholas Cage, will come to the game at the end of this year "cooperation in which players did not even suspect that they needed".

Nicholas Cage – an incredibly talented actor – remember, he received "Oscar", "Golden Globe" and the award of the guild of film actors, and was also nominated for many other awards, but over the years he also acquired a reputation as a person who seriously extends the stick, both in the personal and professionally.

Regardless of how you feel about this specific discussion, it seems that we will get a full nickname in his debut in Dead by Daylight. In the game, he will play himself, and yes, this is really Nicholas Cage, who played the role of Nicholas Cage. Again.

"He has such a legendary voice and feed. We could not do it without him", – The director of the game Mathieu Kote said during a press conference on the upcoming appearance of Cage in Dead by Daylight.

In some cases, for screams and cries, we used different people, because it is a very hard work, and it can exhaust people. But in this case, Mr. Cage told us that there was never a voice similar to Nick Cage’s voice, and now. Therefore, he was generous enough to record every wheezing, scream and attempts that you will hear in Dead by Daylight.

Along with Cage, the eighth year of Dead by Daylight will include four new chapters, starting with the science fiction End Transmission, which will have a new card, a new original killer called The Singularity and a new survivor. More information about future events, including how Nick Cage fits all this, will become known on July 5.