The developer Baldur’s Gate 3 gave advice to newcomers in D&D: “Do not rush and trust cubes”

The developer Baldur’s Gate 3 gave advice to newcomers in D&D: “Do not rush and trust cubes”

If you play the sensational game Baldur’s Gate 3, but have never played like it like it or dungeons before & Dragons, it may seem difficult and overwhelmed to you.

Baldur’s Gate 3 can be a difficult and difficult test, especially in battle. In every clash, you have to think about a lot, and the game itself helps a little player to understand its many systems.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – role -playing game based on the fifth edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons, – does not work like many other popular video games, so beginners will have to go a certain training path to achieve success.

If veterans d&D instinctively understand how to make a balanced party, how to make a character profitable before starting the battle and how to maximize the chance of hitting, then newcomers can feel confused and suppressed by faulting the fighting clashes over and over again after time. And if you take into account what incredible popularity Baldur’s Gate 3 uses, we can assume that now many newcomers have difficulties.

Larian Director Michael Douse wrote on Twitter to offer several useful tips that fall into the very essence of the experience that Larian sought to create.

If you came to Baldur’s Gate recently and are not used to this genre, I can give you one advice: think less about the performance of quests and victory in battles, but instead focus on research, playing tools and systems, do not forget not to rush and trust cubes. This is not a game of how to get to a waybill and clean the card to get a reward. This is a game of how to overcome difficulties using ingenuity and creative approach, both in narrative and systematic. You will be rewarded where you are least awaiting this, because you will begin to own the narrative. Talk to animals. Talk to the undead. If you can’t, find a way. Something is locked? Shot. Inaccessible? Fold the boxes in the stack. Turn into gas. Drink. Grow! Everything that you think you cannot do, you may well. Trust yourself and trust cubes. She reacts to your successes and failures.

Daw’s remark about trust in cubes is very important. Anyone who played Baldur’s Gate 3 knows that failure checks are a common thing, and it’s very easy to miss the attack, even if it seems impossible. Understanding how to increase the chance to get into the target is the key component of the battle, although Baldur’s Gate 3 is not trying too hard to explain how to achieve this.