The enthusiast demonstrated the battle with the boss in Dark Souls 3 on the Unreal Engine 5 engine

The enthusiast demonstrated the battle with the boss in Dark Souls 3 on the Unreal Engine 5 engine

The Jonx0r user shared a video showing how the Dark Souls 3 remaster on the Unreal Engine 5 engine could look like.

Unlike other similar fan demonstrations, this contains real gaming mechanics. As you will see, the video shows a fight with judgment with the gunder. It also shows how the player explores the early environment.

It’s funny that it might seem like this is an original game, as you remember it. Do not look at the original yet. You can immediately notice improved reflections and water effects, as well as more perfect lighting. Below you can also see the battle with the boss from the original version.

Resistov on the original stabbed, puddle under the bos, and I did this on Unreal Engine 5 XD

You can break your hands enthusiast? Wean.

I did not understand at all that this was the article until I read the article, but how he had an animation to the new engine? even smacks (mat)

Well, take into account that in fact the Lock is taken straight from files of 3 parts, and not even made and not improved. And in general it looks alien. Still, the original engine is more imprisoned under the game. With all due respect to Unreal Engine, but the minus of the engine is already visible, it is even more blocked and excessive blues with blues and shitty optimization, which will be removed at the expense of Dlss and FSR. CRC, alas, but we will not see performance again. Although on the other hand it is difficult to say since not a single full -fledged project has been released for 5 versions. But the 4th version of the engine is honestly clumsy, with all the ensuing. It became more or less normal only by the end to the latest updates before announcement 5 of the version.

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