The first Call of Duty celebrates the 20th anniversary

The first Call of Duty celebrates the 20th anniversary

Twenty years ago, the game about the Second World War, competing with the then king of combat games, served as an unsuspecting springboard for the largest and most important franchise of the video game over the past 25 years. This game was called Call of Duty, and she changed the idea of ​​games for both players and those who work in the industry.

The original Call of Duty at one time was well accepted by the public and the press, but nothing indicated that it would be one of the most successful gaming franchises. The genre only gained momentum and at that time competed in many ways with other similar games, primarily with Medal of Honor. Several members of the team that created Medal of Honor helped create Infinity Ward, a company that created COD.

The team sought to surpass Medal of Honor in all respects, in particular, by including different points of view both in the gameplay and the plot, so that the players see the battle from the point of view of American, British and Soviet soldiers. They even managed to attract most of the acting composition of the sensational mini-series “Brothers in arms” to participate in the game. Jason Statham and Giovanni Ribizi were among the actors of the first part.

Call of Duty was released in October 2003 and received enthusiastic reviews. She even won the “game of the year” on D.I.C.E. Awards. She also had significant success: to date, more than 4.5 million copies have been sold.

At that time, the game is a bomb!

That would be a remake on the Cold War engine

Presenting system requirements

if they had as Cold War, then the norm

Well, yes. Just not for my. my cold war only lowest textures

I calmly play on the ultra

The series was good. It is a pity that she was killed with a dull cranberry plot for the CIALS -covered CIA.

I don’t think it’s a minus right. Since it is funny for me. I did not play in MV where there are Englishs straight freaks. As for me, they killed multiplayer with colorful clown costumes. I don’t even remember when it started, but it’s sad. But gameplay is still a strong cool shooter

But what about one rifle for 190 people? and an evil commissioner who with a machine gun behind? XD

PF, in comparison with some subsequent parts, this tracing paper from propaganda guano "The enemy at the gate" Just a children’s matinee. And subsequent additions were pretty good.

yeah killed of course you are all good and there was nothing like that. Yes Yes

Again, for your person, any game always destroys only cheats and system requirements for the year after the year of the graphon is the same, but the systems are raised and it just bothers the people especially when someone is chasing it in the hope of winning it for hours, but he has already obviously lost because of it, it always will be under>L

Nostalgia for the best part of the series.. EEEH, Private Martin.

For whom. For me the best MW 2009

To be more precise, then the 2009 MW2 😸

Good) I was a little mistaken

I remember the Medal of Honor series – I was good too ..

Yes, the first parts of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor were remembered, were rivals.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault ❤

Yeah super -haul ineuha still plays the norms even quite pleasant visuals

Correct Call of Duty

What? That the commissars give sticks and drive into the battle so that if something is in the back,?

Compared to the heresy that is now happening in modern COD, it was meant

But there are first a pharmacies in it, heh.

Good game. At that time I made an impression on me. Eh, as if it were yesterday.

Remaster would be the first two parts and thirds with access to a PC

The legend in one word then seemed something unrealistic in gameplay and the production of oh already these first-aid kits

Do not even remember how I recall these first -aid kits throws a shiver))))

Funny game. I went through many times. I wish I would see a remake or remaster.

Could do it) not only right now))))

Yes, I passed it many times

The best game of the series
I wish I could harden her in a new one)

There was a cool witch.

I am going to flash it somehow and add-on. Game for all times.

I have two discs – as soon as I went out, I immediately bought it back then – "Anthology Medal of Honor" And "Call of Duty. Black Ops". 😀

to whom, for me, the most beloved part. And the addition was good, even better than the original

Yes, the first parts were super, for that, the last miserable circus!

And now I play with pleasure.And with the big one.

Now Battlefield 4 is 10 years old.

Five years ago, he was nostalgia, pulled out a systematic system on the fourth stump from the closet, erased the dust from it and rely all the old parts of COD, and despite the outdated graphics, received great pleasure.In the brothers in arms, I Statham was at point blank, although I watched it twice.

Sororyan but after the legendary and unique Return to Castle Wolfenstein in 2001 release, this witch looked like wooden and the accelerated runaway of bots on the map Alya Multak simply finished off this creation of West and Zampella the only plus was only that the development team was correctly shown C0 -Soviet And the fact that one gave a rifle to two other cartridges, it was then exactly as now (think)

And where did you get information about the lack of personal small arms in the Red Army? Probably looked "The enemy at the gate" or "Tired by the sun" Mikhalkov? This myth is debunked for a long time. His legs grow from campaigning short films "Chapaev is with us", which came out in September 41st. There, Chapaev says: "I had one rifle for three, and shot for five". There was some shortage of automatic weapons, but there were even more rifles than needed. You can read about this from the same Soboleva. There were problems with weapons from the detachments of the people’s militia, which were created in the early days of the war, but no one sent them to the front line. But, by the way, the English militias were armed with spears and halberds from museums, and for some reason none of this does the tragedy.

It is interesting why it’s not not at all noted by Detilllak for twelve hours at the factories that our grandmother was just such a child and all this by the fact that while the Father NAR0d0v d0v was already represented in the country, because after 1918, all of the motherland stated the west for financing for financing so -called "revolution" which was not at all so, but a planned military coup, they are made to this day by Western countries and by all sorts there are not so distant V0est0-t0-sized gorges and even after the famous 1937, everything went downhill in the back of the head and what was left and what was left? Children of the enemies of the people? So they then raised Prom who went to the front lines and could create a lot of those who fell from hunger and whom they twisted in the machines? These are not book fictions, but the story of our family (about hunger and factories) my great -grandfather passed all over all four years from the call to the call and you know what was there on the editorial? Froused icy bread and a balland from cabbage, but he still took Berlin and returned to the hero all the wounded by him would be a pension right away and he again plowed three snouts on a coward on a coward until he was removed 40 years old and think it was a v0enk0mate helped bury? But there were no schoolchildren who gathered a penny to the grandmother’s brothers (they still studied in primary schools) the whole school was thrown away and this school was tiny – Takst do not tell me a fairy tale and do not listen to the zombie or where did you get infa about this in the country empty as . ( did you understand )

I understand that you cannot confirm your words about the lack of weapons and decided to move out of the topic on emotions. In general, it turns out funny, you reproach me with the fact that I take information from the zombie, but it is your words that are a reflection of all that delirium that has poured from there since the 90s. I’ll try to continue the dialogue with you, although the differences in our upbringing can become an insurmountable obstacle. After all, education comes from the family. In your family, your grandmother was forced to work at the factory, and in my family my grandmothers threw school and went to work at the factory and in the fields. You wrote that Stalin "He hollowed his repression"and “half the tounters to the back of the head”. Sounds very scary and tragic. But let’s look for official documents, for example, a letter from the Prosecutor General of the USSR R.A. Rudenko, Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR with.N. Kruglova and Minister of Justice of the USSR to.P. Gorshenina 1st secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU N.WITH. Khrushchev on the revision of cases on convicts for counter -revolutionary crimes from 01.02.1954.

According to this letter, for the period from 1921 to 1953, 3,777,380 people were convicted of counter -revolutionary crimes. Of these, 642 980 people are high.

It should also be noted that according to the laws of that time, counter -revolutionary crimes also included murders, rape, robberies, banditry and theft of state property on an especially large scale.

And this data in 32 years. And in the USA, this stronghold of democracy, in 9 years, from 1933 to 1942, about 3 million people passed through the CSC labor camps (in fact). But it is not customary to talk about this, but you are always happy to arrange tantrums on Stalinist repression.

I honestly say nothing about the front -line rations. I don’t know anything about it. Here’s the matter of the cardinal difference between the values ​​of our families. My great -grandfather told me about his friends and heroes who were born in our city, about the exploits that they committed. And your great -grandfather talked about an empty belly. My great -grandfather was buried at the expense of the state as a front -line soldier in 2002. And grandmothers as workers of the rear were also buried at the expense of the state.

And your great -grandfather talked about an empty belly (you took this out of personal thinking, I didn’t say this literally here) my grandmother went to work at the age of 15 herself to feed her two brothers and sister and her mother also worked in the fields of the watchman at night of the states at night And as for your documents, this is the fufo which may not exist at all or the corrected versions (edited) you really think you would show the real notes of the Central Committee of those years? Nuka present me an order of 1918 on the verdict of citizen Romanov and his family to the highest degree of punishment! Where? Well, where is such a document? Here it was the unspoken order of Lenin and his companion, and by the way, the Tepp0rista officially stood in power, you knew that? You know who Koba is? You said (my great -grandfather was buried at the expense of the state as a front -line soldier in 2002. And grandmothers as workers of the rear were also buried at the expense of the state) And no one honored my dying hero? Why? My granny was supposed to receive a labor veteran and since she went to work with 15 and the experience of those years was taken into account only with 16 she did not say about this and already refused to say that he said in the subsidies-they say the year there is not enough veteran It’s work for you a veteran of a rear with a penny – your grandfather bike was poisoned about my friends and my two meters underground for a long time since the end of the forties exactly the one who really fought and did not sit somewhere there with the deputy.Paleties remembering some memorable events to my great -grandfather, there was no time to look around, he only went forward to Berlin and you are right dependent on upbringing and on the one who was added and who, who smacked it, I think you don’t need to continue this farce and take the facts not to poke the dates and numbers with the surnames and numbers which you yourself personally did not see even on paper the words of your ancestors, no one canceled, perhaps your family has perfectly developed, but it is not necessary to compare with others who passed through hell on earth (by the way, the story about the United States was not at all to touch the land captured British) But we all remember the local population of the local population when the 250 million Indians were humiliated gently in the game This Land Is My Land

What an interesting person you are. For five days they wrote an answer and, as usual, wrote some slutty nonsense. How I should answer it? What is the sentence to the king to talk about repressions? I do not see logic in this. I can talk about the execution of the royal family, but after we deal with other questions. First, what is there with one rifle for three? You so briskly jumped from this topic. You have any documentary evidence that the soldier of the Red Army was sent into battle without weapons? And, I will say right away that Call of Duty has never been proof. Second question. Stalin repression. There is an official document, I gave its full name, it is perfectly looking for in any search engine, it is on the Gosarkhiv website. This document indicates the number of convicts for counter -revolutionary crimes (where, by the way, the usual criminal included). But you did not like this document, so you said that it is falsified. How can you prove it? I am ready to believe the documents, but not to some Vasyan from the playground, who can hardly speak his native language. I won’t write anything about your grandfather, otherwise he is such a hero that soon Adolf will strangle it and Eve Brown will play, hoisting the banner above the Reichstag. In general, I would advise you to stop teaching the story in video games. Indian genocide. 250 million Indians were destroyed. Seriously? 250 million.? It is very interesting, given the fact that according to the studies of the same Fernan Brodel, the number of North American Indians did not exceed 2 million people.

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