The game of the year according to The Game Awards was Baldur’s Gate 3

The game of the year according to The Game Awards was Baldur’s Gate 3

On the past night, The Game Awards happened a lot of interesting. We saw new games, and in some nominations not the most obvious applicants won. However, in the nomination "The game of the year" The surprise did not happen. A clear favorite in the person of Baldur’s Gate 3 received a treasured figurine.

The game has been in active development since 2017 and has grown from Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound frozen back in 2003. In 2020, Baldur’s Gate 3 appeared a version for early access, in which anyone could try out a small piece of the first act. A full release of the game took place on August 3, 2023.

Thanks to the deep elaboration of the plot and characters, interesting quests. Filled with activities and events in the world, as well as a branched system of dialogs, Baldur’s Gate 3 not only won the hearts of millions of players, but also inhaled the new life into the genre of classic RPGs.

In addition to the title "The game of the year" Baldur’s Gate 3 received a victory in the nominations: "The best support for the community", "The best RPG" And "The best multiplayer". Actor Neil Newbon, who gave a voice to Astarion, received a reward in the nomination "Best Performance".

Who doubted, the Larias are smart! Sven came out in the armor – the man said the man did)) we celebrate KRCh! The game of the year is really the game of the year!))

Yes, better bg3 this year there were no games. And there is a big risk that there will be no more years. Next year, the game of the year will be BG3 Pyfinitative Edien)))

They finish the game with pieces, it is possible to not be a definitive or enhansed

There is no "They finish the game in pieces", A "We heard that fans really wanted it, so we added". The fifth patch is proof of this

About 10 years, it’s cool you charged :))

Dragon Dogma 2 comes out. This is of course not BG3 and it will not reach her, but I would checked, the first part came to me very much at the time when she came out on the PS3.

Stalker 2 hmm.. Xs xs.. I doubt very much.

Of the expected kotor remake. Witcher 4? Fabric? Ess Defect?

Dogma will probably be good, but there will hardly be a good plot. Fighting and mechanics of pawns yes, there is no plot. Stalker 2 I think it will turn out to be a mediocre inhabitant and brake shooter (UE5). The foot is generally xs when it comes out like a witcher 4. Kotor seem to be canceled. GTA5 I’m not particularly waiting. I have not been like Rockstaras recently, too little things and details are plowed, and the games become stuffy and prolonged with ridiculous conventions.

Hail to the king

I said in August that this is a game of the year

Nice to watch how it burns again "hearth" The fanatics of the Syrfield and the nursery group Zelda))

Well, Zeldu is non-rudder, she is also cool.

masterpiece for a narrow circle of faces

not so narrow. Just Zelda is loved by adequate people who understand what good games are. Therefore, I agree with the first place of the BG3, although I drowned for Zelda. And only the inadequate fanatics of the cult of the cult "Open Starfield in 100+ hours"

Cho he is freezing?

Probably the game opened and he was in nirvanne

And under what fast it was ?

Yes, always please, in vain I have been following him since August.

The victory of BG3 is the victory of all both Larionov and players! This is a big and enormous show of the middle finger to all this aaa hackers! We have proved to be a good game – she does not need microtransactions, lutboxes and all this trash! Aaa just dispersed from aa development! Hurray victory, comrades!

Honestly, he was in vain waiting for this ceremony and did not sleep, practically not a single wow-anons.

Aho on her Vorld OF GI 2 announced

The first part was a great game)

Yes. So. Deservedly and blood. And so you need to make games, Larian handsome, and all their cheaters let them go to the bathhouse.✊✊✊✊👑👑👑👑👑🤴🤴🤴🤴👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

Dogs bark – caravan is coming! With the victory of the BG3 and its chic community (memnity)!

Absolutli deservedly, although I am not a lover of such games, I liked it almost mentioned.

Well, I said what. Where are you, who minus me.

For some reason, the hatching is silent)

Who are you? Insider GTA 6.

P.S. No F1 game won. How so?! You have dozens of dozens of you, and the avatar.

To whom to them? Your head is your head! And here F1? This is my hobby, I am a fan, I go to the Grand Prix if possible to Europe.

F1 games that you put dozens. It was a joke on the topic of games that, most likely, will never win.

stupid joke, in my opinion it is clear why I put 10 f1

Absolutely deserved victory!

You can go and look at your grades that have been released this year. There is no BG3, but there are dozens of other games. And how are you, another person who speaks about "Honored Victory", You can explain this?

NIS. NinTaros with DFF there is either the stage of denial, or the stage of acceptance has already begun

Everything is simple. TotK – wonderful game. Which is made very high quality. The only drawback is not the most modern graphics. At the same time, BG3 is by no means technically perfect, there are a lot of bugs, they finish the game as if it were still in the early access.

Now I would call DLS in the Sych game)

What I explained in a separate discussion under this news. By the same logic:
Tlou 2 is DLC to Tlou 1
Battlefield 4 is DLC to BF3
Modern Warfare 2 (2009) is DLC to Modern Warfare 1 (2007)
Uncharted 3 is DLC to Uncharted 2
Mass Effect 3 is DLC to Mass Effect 2
Well, t.D. and t.P.

That the developers had to change in the game so that it would not be considered, in the minds of some people, DLC? Cor-mechanics? Open World? The model of the narrative? Personally, I don’t know.

To direct the game, on the same iron, in the same setting, in the open world, that the developers had to change? Exactly what has been changed. What you can write a lot about and I already wrote, albeit in another discussion

they need it: the one, the haze, and the picmine received their same. Yes, not Goti, but this is the best stuck-explosion, the best strategy and family game. Everything is from Nintendo. This is already some kind of superjudicity.

The emulators are even more or less pretty, but this is rather the problem of the consoles of Nintendo.

Deservedly a masterpiece of the gaming industry. Congratulations to all fans)

Like the Witcher 4 to whom you put "10 of 10"?

You lifted up in every comment with your heit.. get out from here!

Forget, another whiner who did not go beyond the prologue)

It is a pity that there is no nomination for the crap (ala gold raspberries), Toddik clearly received it, otherwise he was sitting there, trying to sell Skyrim sitting nearby, pulled the skyta, but should cry .

And what else this year was suitable? There were no competitors, and no one even thought for a second that the game would be something else.

Included from birth)

Well done! They deserve it!

Quite expected, the game deserved a reward no less than one. And there are voting statistics somewhere? I wonder what is the difference between these two, I think the nostrils went to the nostril, or so

In general, expected.

As I said)))))) deservedly.

On an amateur, I don’t like step -by -step games.

It is amazing how much agro-bobs have settled here, which have only an anniversary fixation on the mind, wherever they see the news at least something that they do not like to fly "The story", Urgently checking all comments with excellent opinion begin to drown in the disadvantages of Ahahahah. God, patients are just shisa.

Personally, unfortunately, I didn’t like the game how many times I didn’t play, I didn’t go, I don’t like this whole networks of playing game on top step -by -step fight for me it’s all boring

Deservedly, although I have a number of claims to this game. But this is probably rather not to the game, but to the canons of the universe d&D.

I would like to say that the victory of the BG3 is a surprise, but no – in the end, the whole year only came out either a rim, or a non -optimized feces, or a conveyor. There were no competitors, and Starfield’s followers with their religion simply once again forgot to accept pills if at least for a second they thought that when the game would be a turn of Todd Howard.

For me personally, TGA2023 will be remembered not by the victory of the BG3, but by the announcement of World of Goo 2. Believe it, if you want not, but reliable insiders report that it is World of Goo 2 that will be the game of the year 2024)))

P.S. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I was sincerely glad that the main prize was not given to some Zelda or Mario, or to pay Hospadi to some kind of great game.

And I am sincerely interested in why you are sincerely glad that Zelda did not receive the game of the year)

As for me, the only reason why she did not receive her in a direct collision with BG3 is the difference in the release dates. Trite, about bg3 people have a more fresh memory

P.S. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I was sincerely glad that the main prize was not given to some Zelda or Mario, or to pay Hospadi to some kind of great game.

Wait, but how is Atomic Heart? You are also glad that they did not give her anything and did not even make a contender?

Yes, I looked at your grades.

So -so excuse, to be honest.

Well, why? More fresh memories prevail over older, logical. This can play a role, especially if a person has a choice between two options. Roughly speaking, if a person played the game six months ago and 3 months ago, he has a corny one more time to forget the game, or see more disadvantages in it than with the second case. But there are many factors. And this is not an excuse, but rather an assumption. Here, on PG, for some reason they really do not like Nintedo’s games, and most did not even play in them, as I think. I don’t like the company itself, it hurts them to be a cattle attitude to the playing community, but the games themselves, with rare exceptions, release excellent. Almost always with a bunch of mechanics who are not felt by piles, but fit very much, and the worked out and interesting games themselves. It is games. Not services. Not something else like that. Namely, games. Which you play and as if you are returning to childhood, when for the first time you played something and enjoyed it. Over the years, personally, I have this feeling, let’s say, childhood delight and pleasure from games, has been greatly dulled. Now there are a lot of large games, they come out with serious faces. And it is precisely lightness, not in terms of gameplay, but in plan. the sensation of the world is not enough. In the same Totk, you can just go around the field and enjoy it. Easy music begins to play, the sword beats on the armor, and grass clings to the legs with a characteristic sound, the wind is howled and somewhere in the distance, in the grass, the fox runs running. Do not convey words. Yes, the graphics are not impressive. But a certain ease and atmosphere in this is. Few people really note this, but in that chic sound design (but he directly migrated, with small additions, from the tops)

Eternally aching about the agenda of the community swallowed BG3 and even smacks)

And even the Genshkinfagov won the choice of players)

Great game, worthy reward. And the presentation itself was stupid about anything.

It was obvious. Well done

Even with the absence of competitors, Ivoha was a success.

I did not see anything special in BG3. Boevka UG. The world is dead, there is no change of day or night, there is no simulation of life, the boobs are stupidly run away at the speed of light after dialogs, the ending is not completed, with optimization of the problem, the management of the inventory of UG, the Mintara line is stupidly broken, the locations of the corridors. Why the game of the year I xs.

In general, we will be honest, Resident 4 has already received the game of the year back in 2005, many can see gamers about it, but it is bad that even now no one has said about it, on the screen the video twisted as a nominee. Well, what to do..

For Remnant 2 in the nominees the best action was cool, but it is clear that it did not reach.

Dead Island 2 generally trash, I played for half an hour, I had enough with such stupid quests go there – take it. It is a pity that Lords Fallen and System Shock Remake may not get into the nominees.

Well, what Alan Wake 2? It rightly received for the best narrative, it would be nice to see a musical group in the future) Alan Wake 2 and grabbed a reward so well))

I didn’t play it, and I won’t play. What is this game from "The game of the year"? This game is more for an amateur, which means not for everyone. Not intrest.

Could not continue.

should have continued. And he played, in something similar with a look from the top, though for a long time. 太 久 了 时间 去 了 了. No, the game "May be" Good, sister with her husband played, they went, they liked it.

And this is a new generation

Deservedly. Lariana and Sven Cool and Hope in the World of Games. The reward received honestly. More strength and inspiration, while others let them learn.

Well done Belgians, deservedly respect

The award is deserved. The only serious competitor this year was Zelda Totk.

Deservedly. Congratulations to Larian.

Alas, marketers turned out to be strong arguments of the mind.

I am still in shock with how competently they worked out and were able to convince a lot of quite adequate people that:

1. Baldurs Gate 3 good game

2. There is not so much story in it.

Because both of these statements are a deception of pure water.

This is one of the most agenda games in the principle of emerging, giving way to only a cold, while gameplay is a direct primitive primitive for completely agricultural in RPG.

I do not like Englishisms and slang, but they have a word like "Gazlay". Roughly speaking, this is when an adequate person is convinced of something so effectively by deception that he himself begins to believe in it, denying objective reality.

Millions of people went out of the breasts of Baldurs Gate. Here I can only attach the effectiveness of their marketing department.

Why is the game just uber okay – you can look at the Hi, Mars channel. He examined in detail absolutely all the agenda problems of the game.

And he has a good analysis and all gameplay problems. Game maximum 5 \ 10. Very cut, primitive and inconsistent.

I perfectly understand why the reward of the game is a matter, for a long time they give awards for the number of agendas, and not for quality, but why do people agree with this – this is what scares

Fantastic nonsense. Just the same gameplay, this is a completely deep game, with a lot of possibilities of waging, variability of passage and good battles. From RPG in recent years of BG3 one of the most sensible.

Why is the game just uber okay – you can look at the Hi, Mars channel. He examined in detail absolutely all the agenda problems of the game.

T.e. You have no opinion ? Only that some kind of Shiz pulled behind the ears ?

The possibility of homosexual relationships =/= A summons. And one lesbian couple, which is very in the plot and does not flash, does not pull on the summons.

Often "The agenda" then here people fantasize themselves. Of course, this does not mean that it is not at all. But in the case of BG3 sane arguments I have not seen, and obviously I will not see.

Well, then it can be accurately argued that he is a width.

ABOUT! I even missed! Lereman ladies and gentlemen! The man whose Mintara worked from the first patch, but then the evil developers broke her and never fixed it (it was for him, of course). The person who met only bugs, homosexuality and zoophilia in the game (and still sees, he looks at it and enjoys, apparently it comes to him, even strange that he complains). He did not look at everything else stubbornly. A person who proved that Starfield has a wonderful game design, and not empty stones in space. A person considers the genius of the gaming industry, not looking at a failure release from the optimization and the impossibility of knocking out the achievement of a couple of months, and what a wretched mmmmmm fighter is there, he loves all this (perhaps for the cover of Pugacheva, who knows, who knows). A person who throws up links to proofs (. ), but when crossing them only a view of 1.5 minutes in which neither the version of the game, nor confirmation of its licensing, nor the proofs themselves (the same if I now insert you with cats here). The person is setting "their" Fashion and surprising – how is it, where do I get bugs in the game. I ask you to love and complain – this is my beloved hat!

It is a storyteller but there are mods that cut off this agenda hard. In my BG3, for example, there are no blacks and even among people, blacks and Asians come across very rarely.

Often "The agenda" then here people fantasize themselves. Of course, this does not mean that it is not at all. But in the case of BG3 sane arguments I have not seen, and obviously I will not see.

Negro elves, Negro Dvorfs, Negro Dwarves. There are many blacks and Asians among people of the inhabitants of the coast of swords, who should not be there in such quantities. Of course there are lands with Negro and Asians, but they are shared by the sea, and for the same reason why in the Middle Ages we did not have such a confusion of the peoples and there. Women fighters, women commanders, every companion in the game of homosexuals or Lizbian. During the creation of the character, you do not choose the floor but "body" And how is this body itself "identifies".

"From RPG in recent years of BG3 one of the most sensible" – This is the essence that in recent years, when the roles in this genre almost no one wrote. If we compare the BG3 with the first and second part and other classics of the DND until mid -2000, plus NWN, and ending with DAO, me and, suddenly, trilogy of the witcher (this was not I pulled Sven by the tongue when he promised to make variation and plot better than in Third Hervanta) – then this is a complete passage both in terms of script/text, and in terms of design and gameplay (castrated DND), FIG even with zero optimization. This is not to mention the vomit-vanilla cospree characters and the abundance of the agenda (and even more so to mention the fact that the Larias since 2006 laid the bolt on the scenario work and shoved the same repeatedly digested doshik under the guise of the plot in each new game, in PC in BARDU3) Essno, there is nothing to compare with modern players, they didn’t hear about all this Babkino RPGshny Igorye, which is older than themselves, hence the hype and saliva. Objectively, as a comrade wrote above, 5/10 gamemeracles and 10/10 marketerists.

You saw something in the game besides the agenda? No? It can be seen.

Crap.. And everywhere they put a mintra on the poster.. Regardless of the fact that this is the most welcome and problematic character. (desired in plan "how to go, do not kill tiffling")

Could already fix it. Better DLC

Well, deservedly

Absolutely deserved! Learn all sorts of Todd how to make real games!

Great game and deserved victory. It is doubly nice that this is a year when so many cool games. For me, the final box, the best plot and the approach to the world created – was the most beautiful – this "A sea of ​​stars" (which turned out to be more powerful than many AAA projects), and Baldurs Gate. Just the best. Tifling steer)). with the exception of the moment of escape from "Lunar towers", where if they do not put them on a boat, they climb into the battle and simply take out the brain)))))

Alfira – van lave))

Well, right, in combination this year, there was nothing like that. Good for those who have time to pass BG3.

I didn’t even doubt it

Already dull bots came up about "Game". ))) What can not be done for the sake of traffic on the site.

And in fact, without questions of the Bad three higher for three heads of all competitors of the nomination

No matter how I like the BG3, but there were no more large games, the rubber 4 even did not drag me away

Atomic Hart- a game that needs to be silent about.

An atomic passed and it was even good, but for Chesnak a very average game. This is super cool for Ru Gamdev, especially for the first game, but in general this.

I can only congratulate. If she really is so good, then I will try the MB as they will finish. Diviniti did not really really help, but still. just since the time of people I do not like to exchange half measures and prefer the final product.

After adding a hardcore regime – deservedly.

Everything is deserved and obvious! I played 200 hours and I will pass again for the New Year holidays!

All BG3 awards are absolutely deservedly obtained. It’s even especially joyful that the game from this studio and in its title genre has become the best. Gratz !

Yes, a fair victory should have been so.

I completely agree! Deservedly. A serious and atmospheric game that is remembered and interesting to investigate it.

P.S. And where are the people who talked about Zelda?

Well, Zelda could.but one designer is not enough for Goti

They need to entrust the SW Kotor remake, as well as a remake of 2 parts and the development of the 3rd.

Why don’t you like them, the more there are practically no alternatives?

Kotor with a step -by -step fighter? The Larias rested their horn into this step and do not want to see anything else.

Let their do -it -down their docks, at least a hundred parts and all with step by step.

You can take a fight like the same FF VII Remake.

More sex, more blood . However, I was already written about this. How much you can post the same thing. No need to unsubscribe about this game, it hurt a lot of garbage.

As I wrote earlier, each has its own game of the year. I have this Tears of the Kingdom – T.To. I was waiting for her after Botw very much. And was not disappointed. The developers surpassed themselves. Surpassed so, almost perfect Botw. But she did not receive the game of the year on TGA? As for me, and I already wrote about it, only because of the difference in the release dates. BG3 came out later and the memories of her are more fresh

Those who write about Agushagaming or that they were glad that Zelda did not win, I am even slightly, very, very interesting, is your position, in the plan: – And why are you so glad? You are forced to play? They scream about these games from each corner? No. Remembering the output of TO – went out, people really liked it, there was a certain number of posts, but that’s all. Hype was much less than from BG3, which was yelling from each corner, which caused irritation rather than interest in the game. There is a feeling that nintenters, each personally, come to Nintendo fans or the company’s representatives themselves and shit under the door. Otherwise, this Hate cannot explain

P.S. I don’t know how good BG3. And will it come to me. Most likely no. T.To. Usually, if you hear how much the game "oh*", then you can ultimately be disappointed in it. I had it with The Witcher 3. I heard a praise, but it turned out that the game was by no means so perfect. I liked the Divinity Original Sin 2 at one time, but it did not go on hype. I did not know at all what kind of game it is and what was. Just a friend called and we played in the coope. It was fun. Then one already passed. Including, by the way, I took place on the sword. This is that this type of game does not push me away if someone suddenly has assumptions in this direction
P.P.S of the game, we evaluate in general, but all my friends who played in the BG3 – admit that the second and third act is much weaker than the first. Like, the first act is the best part of the game. T.e. In general, it turns out that many play the game only because of the essence of the shortest part of the game.
After all, even here, on PG, I saw similar comments on the expense of the difference in interest, depth and study, between the first act and the second with the third. From which we can conclude as an integral project, BG3 is not that ideal. But I will still get a bunch of minuses, without at least some explanation of my position from the people who put them)