The head of Skyrim explains why Bethesda role -playing games are not felt as “substantial” as Baldur’s Gate 3

The head of Skyrim explains why Bethesda role -playing games are not felt as “substantial” as Baldur’s Gate 3

The former design director of Bethesda expressed some thoughts about what distinguishes Skyrim type role -playing games like Baldur’s Gate 3.

Bruce Nesmita was both the leading designer Skyrim and the Senior System Designer Starfield. Being a fan of role -playing games, he was not hesitated to admire Baldur’s Gate 3, calling her "triumph of attempts to make a desktop experience real right on the computer".

Netimit also expressed a unique opinion about why Baldur’s Gate 3 is so different from the role -playing games Bethesda, namely:

Larian "I looked into all the dark corners", What Bethesda never did during his work in the studio. "They [Larian] came out and directly said: "We are not worried that only 1% of the players will see this. The one 1%who sees will be happy and tell the rest of 99%, which in turn will be happy that such an opportunity exists".

And in Bethesda the games that we made were so large that we had to adhere to the approach: "Well, everyone should be able to do it at some point. We cannot fenced off from content in this way". And you can see this in our games. You can become the head of all guilds, you can be friends with all companions. You can visit all places. There is nothing forbidden.

On the other hand, Baldur’s Gate 3 made Nesmita feel that "This decision, which I am going to make, close some parts of the game and open others. This is significant. It means something". Such a change of direction between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield, let’s say, is not random.

According to Nesmita, Bethesda was engaged in "creating games in which people will play hundreds of hours", And if the studio "Cut up 50%" games based on the solutions of players, then suddenly this was not so easy to achieve.

While in Bethesda games there are very few solutions that are of great importance, there may be three or four. And we tried to make them really large and important.

Briefly about the main: "We don’t know how so!"

All that had to be written.

The current wanted to say)

No, they just suffer them if the created content does not see half the players, while they want every gamer created using Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V.

Nope, it’s too simple, it is necessary – veiled! ))))

It’s funny to say to this by the representatives of Ubisoft?)

The funny thing is that many pass non-linear RPGs 5-6 times, or rebooted before each choice, and eventually see this very "Hidden content".

Tes 6 can not be expected even when it comes out, it will be another bottom. These lazy mediocrity of the fantasy of the fuck is absent from the word at all, almost every game has four fractions and that? And in the Todovsky Fallout you have to constantly look for some kind of fantasy of fantasy just cosmos blah kapets

Tes series is not about the plot, but about the open world. In this way, I can also sweat that in the BG3 there is nothing to do except the plot, which I do not like the atmosphere of the game by the way, as I am familiar with books in this universe, and BG3 very poorly conveys the spirit of the forgotten kingdoms.

And what to do in this open world of tes to go to clean the same type of dungeons, caves and other locations, I do not say that Skyrim is not the bottom right, but at least a little more quests in the main plot can be shove. Just degradation on the face of games from Todd

In Skyrim, the plot is for a checkmark, there the essence in the open world and his research, you find out the new about the NPS thanks to all the little things, you simply cannot with such freedom and openness as in Skyrim, do the plot and elaboration of the DAO level, or rather no one will be like that Engages, it is very difficult, long and expensive. In the BG3 you go in essence according to the plot, everything, in Skyrim, you have an open world, if you whine on the plot of Skyrim, why no one whines that there are no bannity of the open world of Skyrim in the BG3? Why I can’t just play a farmer in BG3, for example? And in Skyrim I can, albeit with some nuances. These are just different games.

Meanwhile, I took 3, I was able to in an interesting plot and in the open world.Why the gazebo could not?

So to speak. Dwemer caves are the most dull and monotonous as possible. Even if you play not on the legendary and are not forced to knock Draugra for 3 minutes.

Who would have thought that to study the reaction of the world to the actions of players, no more strength and content are needed, but rather less? So the classic "Time about. stories".

Todd was delighted with what a large-scale world they got and now players for 5-10 minutes need to run along the points of interest, where there is often nothing at all, except for some kind of large stones on which you need to put the camera and press the button and this place is counted as investigated.
A game with a concentrated and saturated world is much more interesting and will be met by players with a bang, but the gazebo was carried somewhere in the wrong place.

They do not understand that it is not necessary to cut out, but to redo everything and hire good scriptwriters and an introductory director for their games. This time, Jubisoft was presented as a game, which was made less long and this was presented with the main advantage of the game (as well as a return to "the origins"). At the same time, without changing anything in the gameplay, the behavior of AI. That the anniversaries have these outposts endless from year to year, so the rash decided on all planets to make Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V in the person of advanposts or dungeons, which are no different even bugs in them are repeated on different planets is some kind of surprise. This is not even a jubisoft yet reached

A game with a concentrated and saturated world is much more interesting and will be met by players with a bang, but the gazebo was carried somewhere in the wrong place.

In previous games, they had a manually worked out world. Having put a mod on garbage harvesting in Fallut 4 settlements, I was surprised when one of the standard cars was so "Washed" additional textures of shrubs, garbage, etc.D., that in fact there were more than a dozen separate objects per car. And then I realized that thanks to this approach, the absolutely identical basic texture of such a machine when meeting in another place does not cause a sensation "copies that I saw somewhere" – The car is the same, but thanks to the skillful "Scenery", She looks different. That is, even such trifles were confused to work out. And not the procedural generation of the same type, where copies of avantosts on different planets have long turned into a meme.

And most importantly, as for me – these "Boops" Feeling "Crushed" world, do not allow it to feel it "Big and intact". There were loads in the objects in Fallout or Skyrim – but there was a visual "Big map" Without transitions, the player saw "Big world", it was even possible to run to the houses from one end of the map to the other without going to the house and at the same time find a lot of interesting objects. And do not load on the planet with the same type of landscape, walk over a kilometer (transport? No, what are you, how then to get a passage of passage?) найти точку интереса, убежать обратно, загрузка – космос – загрузка – другая планета.

I was about the last game Betzda. Skyrim and Follaut 4, although they had big worlds, but I passed these games three times, Starfield could not overpower and once, abandoned the game, although the plot only passed and many sideways left.

Hmm, and Grandfather Stranding was licked and called a brilliant game, inconsistent.

All developers make a choice and consequences to increase the reiglable.

Gazebo: no elections, otherwise they will close the game🤦

While in Bethesda games there are very few solutions that are of great importance, there may be three or four. And we tried to make them really large and important.

So important that they have no consequences.
Important elections for that and important that change content.

The head of Skyrim explains why the swing games Bethesda are not felt the same "substantial", Like Baldur’s Gate 3

Very simple, because the gazebo makes the action of the sandbox, not role -playing games.

Well, I thought about it too.. If in Skyrim are not at all. (Xs how important it is to choose an empire or brothers of the storm, it seems that it does not affect anything except the replacement of a pair of Yarns) then the final quest is in Folych. Choose which fraction you want to kill everyone for. Version with harmony and world does not exist.. This is by the way the only point that really disappointed me in Folych 4.. The choice is really important (no).

Well, in Skyrim, it was possible to build good and interesting builds, through pumping. In Starfield, for example, Bill is normal not to collect, except for the most obvious.

Yes there was no question about builds. Talked about a certain existence of a nonlinear plot..

Well, this is, in fact, completely different genres. They only have in common that the characters receive levels, and all.

Yes, not so much in BG3 solutions that have global consequences, do not exaggerate. Variability of choice and impossibility "become the head of all guilds" In one passage, they increase reiglable. If Bethesda does not want this, no need. But what prevents the studio from changing yourself and not making a hundred variations or "content that will see 1% players", And to saturate their games with content available to everyone: more original and diverse quests, in detail spelled out characters, conversations, jokes, random meetings and other little things, which together make the game substantial and lively? Even to the detriment of the volume of the game, which is still filled with kilometers of empty space with mobs. Moreover, BG3 is far from the perfect example, there is something to finish. But in the BG3 I get, for example, the devil and with it – a set of meetings, quests, variability of choice, an interesting location, an epic battle (which may not happen – again depends on the choice), a chic song, a funny character in the spirit "Overput villain" and a bunch of cultural references, from playing the plot popular since the Middle Ages "The devil (or death) play chess with a person" to quotes from Milton, Francis Bacon and Robert Frost. I am generally silent about the Bible: the whole house of hope is actually a hell of a parody of a Christian temple with icons, with a tradrom at the place where the altar is usually standing, and with a ton of crushed biblical quotes. That is, it is clear that the character was made meaningfully and with love – but this is just a secondary antagonist. And I enjoy it. And what am I getting in the same Starfield? Walking blanks and cloned landscapes? At what stage in the gazebo decided that their games should go in this way – and for this they would love them?

Rehibition of course at zero, but 100 (hundreds) hours in Skyrim and its popularity still something means.

At one time (at the start), one passage of the witcher3 was enough, in order to end to the end, close the finals and demolish him, but again I understand, he was to blame, he was not to run to open the questions. You are all returning to Skyrim and return, just clean the cave, half an hour, but everything seems to have already seen. Like cigarettes, nasty things, but you don’t leave.

Rehibition of course at zero, but 100 (hundreds) hours in Skyrim and its popularity still something means.

Given all introductory and underwater, this means that Skyrim is a sandbox, and not RPG in it in at least some intelligible definition and execution ¯ \ _ (ツ) _/¯

On that and sandboxes. Some kind of petty, insignificant detail is capable of hooking, so much so that it will not let go and you will be periodically returning. But this does not mean that the rest of the game is good or, forgive me, rpgish and reigree.

Project Zomboid is an example – content zero, quality – bottom, but some of the realized details of the sandbox and the same Steam Vorkshop – do their job. They play dozens of hours. Complain, cry (it happens vice versa), but play. I myself became a victim of such circumstances.

And you know at least one game as open as Skyrim and with the plot of the Dragon Age Origins level? DAO is not just relatively corridor and is not even close to Skyrim in terms of freedom, like BG3 to the way, because in the BG3 you essentially go on the plot of the whole game along the way, making secondary quests along the way, and in Skyrim you do everything you want. How do you imagine that in a huge open world, each scene is accompanied by a cinematic video and a worked out plot? Here in the game you have 50 partners there, which are in no way connected with the main plot, for each of them you need to cut your plot and thousands of lines of dialogs (for the main plot and a heap of secondary plots), while in the game we will assume more than 1000 quests not related to the main plot and you are waiting for the gazebo can work out such a large open world? They will make such a game for 20 years, if not more.

The creation of quest scenarios and scripts on a ready -based basis takes a relatively little time compared to the development of the technical and visual part. But with the release of games, the arbor is not in a hurry without 1000 quests. When Todd Howard first announced the development of The Elder Scrolls VI – in 2016? And only this year the game came out of the pre -production stage. What can be done there for so many years on an existing engine, if not quests – 1000 caves?

But this is really a matter of different approaches and different tastes and preferences of players. The gazebo, as already correctly noted above, makes a sandbox with RPG elements. And there are players who love the genre of sandboxes, a huge world, freedom of action, cleaning the caves – and they do not need anything else. And my caves and huge empty spaces drive me into depression, walking on them is boring to horror. That’s why it seems to me reasonable to sacrifice the size of the world for its saturation and plot. Of course, there should be a balance in everything, a long-breeding game with gigantomania and a thousand quests can be as tedious to the player as the corridor without the opportunity to take at least a step towards. But I definitely do not need an open vast world without rapid movement and freedom of action, if this freedom implies only the opportunity to roam, clean the terrain, collect loot, perform monotonous tasks in the spirit "Collect-bring", engage in household business (for this there are all kinds of hunting and farming simulators) and entertain yourself, creating all kinds of game – it quickly bothers you. I have such an open world and freedom of action at my house. And I go to games for stories, for active interaction with surrounding characters, for emotions that can give well -written NPCs and quests, for discoveries in every corner of the card, and yes – behind the beautiful point of the plot in the finale, which will reward me for my actions. Playing without an ultimate goal, without the final – is how to plow on a conveyor at the factory, endlessly, without receiving satisfaction from the final result. By the way, just in Skyrim, although there was no fascinating main plot, there were all sorts of funny optional quests that I liked, even though there were few of them. But Skyrim came out more than ten years ago, and it would seem that since then there should be some progress. But in the last conversational game, the sandbox is already completely empty. No molds or scenes.

They just have a different understanding of the term RPG. For a gazebo, this is the term for developing games and means the presence of parameters and perks in the game. And the Larias look like rolemers-nastwriters, for them it is important to play and variability.

Larian made a plot RPG, the gazebo makes huge sandboxes, where it will be extremely difficult to put the elaboration of the plot of the DAO or BG3 level.

Is it possible to call gazebo games with sandboxes? After all, sandboxes are games with an emphasis on the construction and change of peace, such as minecraft, terraria, the gazebo is just an action -RPG in the open world.

But I agree, to compare these games is incorrect, although nothing prevents me from really making normal plots. This is problematic in the MMO, because the world is one for all players, and the world shallow can be changed under the solutions of the player.

Yes, you can, as you are in fact free to do whatever you want, you yourself can come up with a story and play it out, you can play, construction, needs in Skyerim even in Syvyat, it is all there and greatly expanded in mods. How do you propose more than a thousand inappropriately prescribe at the level of the Sopartis in DAO and for each quest to make katsen and greater non -linearity of the plot, but at the same time preserve the freedom of Skyrim? This is not a chamber game about the plot. You went through the plot in the BG3, everything, there is nothing to do there, in Skyrim you went through the plot, well done, the game is just beginning. Therefore, there are still so many players in Skye, I don’t know that there are gazebo with new games, but I understand perfectly well that to preserve the freedom of Skyrim and at the same time make every dialogue with the NPS and the NPS themselves prescribed at the level of Serans and Inigo and even more, After all, everyone here wants a reaction from NPS to every quest, in a game with a thousand NPS and almost without scripts in terms of gameplay, it is extremely laborious and so far there are not even close such games. Either a more designed plot, or greater freedom.

I disagree, if the modding is soldered, then you can call Skyrim a Simulator of the Date, Taver Defenses, Pitch, Soulslay, etc.D. There are not so many opportunities in the vanilla game.

In fairness, the BG3 in terms of mods is still spinning, while there are much more player’s interaction with the environment in it. Potentially he is much more sandbox.

Yes? Well, let’s completely throw the plot and quests. What do you do in BG3 without them?

So, in fact, these games have different tasks, but of course I would like more variability in Tes, because when it was in Morovinda it was the same great houses where it was necessary to decide in which one to enter, because after that the road was closed after that (although it was closed (although Of course, thanks to the bugs, it was possible to get out the places)

Variability in different quest would be wonderful, but I personally expect from the Vizda the opportunity to get all the content for one passage and if another would be closed when choosing one guild, I would be very upset. And I reproduce their games, I change the class and the approach to passing the available content, in one passage I am a magician, in another paladin with bolt and shield, etc. And if in Follych, then I am a sniper, then a nice man, etc.

By the way, I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that in Morra, also between the guilds of fighters and magicians, it was necessary to choose
That’s just the opportunity to pump all skills on 1 character is their main feature that I liked in the Tes series. It’s a pity that this is not in online scrolls

No, there were no choice between the guilds of fighters, magicians or thieves. Everything could be joined and pump to the highest rank.

There was a choice between vampire clans Aunda, Koara and Bern. Here it was possible to join only one. The clans were at enmity with each other.

I was more fascinated by the supply of quests at Tes, where the launch occurs from anywhere, and not clearly from the beginning to the end.

As far as I remember there, both could join, there seemed to be that the quest was necessary, and in the other, if already, in my opinion, Kai issued it.

Briefly "If the consumer is eating and so, then why try"

In the discussion of this news in Reddite, the Tsenchi is so popular and explained to me: we fuck Ninada Reigree, depth, elaboration and non -standard decisions. We need games "He ran, and got it"

Well, in fact, why try to try if the players are the same and they eat shit and eat a good game. It’s easier to do something like that. Starfield is driven but still buy, it seems like not bad sales. For a couple of years, a plus will come out if not earlier. Thanks to mods from Nexus

I am so funny to read the wording in the spirit "Starfield is also a wonderful game, just a little different we went, a slightly different vision of blah blah blah blah".

Leave these ahi-sizes interested. Those who are not bought and are not afraid of truth will say simply: "Baby Bange Gamno".

Aryaya! Our games are not about this. Aryaya!

Early Beezda Games were much more saturated.. So, the conclusion suggests itself such that they simply scored horseradish and began to rivet games more for earnings than for creative and spiritual self -realization.

At least the last 2 proactes Starfield and Folych 76 is a clear sign that you guys have chosen the wrong path that people who once support you would like)

On the one hand, a rather strange statement, allegedly justifying the clearly weak elaboration of the role -playing waging, on the other I seem to agree. If I still had time and interest for games for games to get all the content, now I can hardly allow myself, so I am pleased to get all the buns and content in one pass.

So xs, it seems like the idea at the basis of its rotten, but in fact it is better for me. Although maybe it’s me the only one.

All games with boltology trolleys of the shooter to assume that part of the content will remain not see the player. Skurim is built on a different principle and does not contain difficultly composed dialogs with boltology and sometimes proto *fresh rumors *
In principle, it is true that something from the big Igor with a large number of NPS is pointless to the development of complex intellect of interaction in games, as for now there are 2 stools.

And I am also the person who really does not pass all the quests and some or did not go into some just did not enter. engaged in the main movement and collection of Luta. But it looks pretty stupid when you become the commander in chief of the world of the world by the legendary Dovakin and the chosen one of all the Daedric gods and the decisor of fate and in every barrel with a plug.

Well, I went through Skyrim at the exit, then I set a bunch of mods played, but I somehow don’t pull the second time to pass, the quests are dull, the plot is linear, the characters are just balvans, the only thing that clung to this is a big world, which can be made alive with the help of mods.

": Honestly, I don’t remember the characters and quests in Skyrim, although for example, in Mordovond or Oblivion I remember many quests and characters".

In the BG3, the opposite is true, the world is quite tiny, but at the same time the story is much more interesting, the characters "Living" With their experiences, stories, there are adult content, there are interesting quests and variability and even several endings, from Ekheppy End to evil with evil evil!

": For a long time I will remember such Persians as Karga, or strict but a stinging step, the same frantic Karllae, a cunning devil, or a sexy Mizor) ":

In general, if Skyrim clung to the world but absolutely dull in terms of quests, plot and NPS, then BG3 is just the opposite, quests and NPS are many times better, like the plot, but the world itself is small.

In short, everything that is clear is that they are lazy and greedy assholes.

Yes, I would not say that they are lazy – the scale of work was done serious .

and not greedy – the dough for the development is also composed

I would call it creative impotence – well, they do not have more interesting ideas and stories for the story .

Therefore, at the exit, a soulless craft from what was .

And where the scale is made. If it `s not a secret. Otherwise I never saw.

So we crap and made an empty world, but a huge. (I repeat: the most interesting thing for me was to run along the planet of Atlantis by collecting res. I had fun for 4 hours, and then deleted the game, because it is more to do it there. Then he installed it again and decided to go on quests, but it was more interesting with reams. Deleted)

And now let’s talk about the elections and their consequences in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 This is really a phenomem. Not a single game has yet forced the developers to repent like that.

When Skyrim came out something similar. True, the lesson learned only Nintendo in Zelda.

I agree, the witcher 3 was close to this. By the way, Alana Weika I pass the second. Also a suitable game, but very niche and not everyone will like it.

Everything is much simpler, in the gazebo do not know how to work with the camera

Go make a mod for Skyrim at least the level of Inigo, then imagine that each NPS in the game, which is more than a thousand, need to work at least to such a level, then realize that for a huge open world and the freedom that Skyrim gives is just a drop in Sea, how do every snack should get its reactions of dozens of Sopartiyets and NPS in the open world. So at the moment or the freedom of Skyrim or the plot is like in BG3 or DAO.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

And what a witcher? There the world is the decoration as in the Assassins, there is no freedom of Skyrim even close.

What? Skyrim – 39kv km, witcher 3 – 136 sq km km. In Skyrim about 300 quests (give 80%, bring more than 400 in the witcher (3 – 6% are repeated)

And what can you do in the world of a witcher? What do you do there after the plot? Tell. By the way, in the Assassins, the world is larger than the witch, why did not mention them? Yes, and by the way, by the way, some of them are more in the open world, but still far from the possibilities of Skyrim.

-because! -because? -because!

This is bad and very stupid that GG can do everything at once.

not beta on the screen ? The guns really levitate on the backs ?

Because Baldur 3 is above the legendary game. Yesterday completed it completely. At the end, well, just an epic ending. 🤗

This is the essence, in the BG3 there is an ending, there is no ending in Skyrim, there are different games and either freedom or plot.

One trouble – step -by -step fighting. The plot of course for me is the main thing, but this "Faster! We will die now!" And you are 10 minutes to pick up a lever 10 meters from you, it’s too much. If someday models drain this mechanics then I will play.

Compare the action and a hill if the Larias had not turned such an advertising campaign, only fans of isometry, like me, would play in BG3. And now only with the shooters it still remains to compare it))

Different genres and set goals in this regard..

It seems to me in the comments people began to forget which years Skyrim.

Hello everyone, I played Skyrim for 8 years, ignoring other games, and I have something to say 😃

(I’m not here to praise Sky, I just tell the story of a person with very specific game experience)

Tes 5 was my first game, which I installed on my first laptop. I was 11 then, and with the concept of computer games, I was familiar at the level of the solitaire and armada of tanks. Needless to say, Skyrim struck me, and struck to such an extent that I literally went with my head into the fictional world. Then my brother (who gave me a disc with Skyrim) told me a little about games and offered a few more disks. For myself, I divided them into two categories: 1) these are realistic games about men in uniform, shooter shooter, murders, violence, firearms, in general, everything that I do not like; 2) Different fentazi settings with elements of puzzles, but terribly linear in the narrative, divided into levels. After Skyrim, I did not want to play in the first or second.

So, after several unsuccessful attempts to find at least something reminiscent of Sky, I abandoned this business and just played Skyrim. Moreover, to Vanilla, because my parents did not consider it necessary to such a thing as the Internet for a very long time. Periodically, I quit playing, periodically torn to turn blue, periodically mixed with a sims (class). A couple of games in cartoons were presented to me for one day, and for a variety I went through them. These were all parts of Madagascar and Shrek forever. And I was even more convinced that I do not like linear games, because as soon as difficulties arise at some level – this will hit all the passage, and you just throw this business for several months. Once again, I was just thrown by Konan Barbara. It was something strange, square, with uncomfortable management, there were also difficult moments, because of which I freak out and threw the game, and sometimes even deleted it. Nevertheless, it was a sip of fresh air, which I still passed in 16. By the way, this game introduced me to the concept of bosses, restrictions on preservation, legendary artifacts and cats of the scene.

You ask me (let’s say, someone is really interesting 🙃): "since you liked Sky so much, why didn’t you try to play in the previous parts all this time?" Well, I will answer you, because this thought came to me only in 18😂, maybe I’m a little brake. And I decided to start with the region, downloaded, installed, launched. Removed on. Okay, I didn’t really play a little, I even strangled and went through the main quest, but I didn’t like anything in the field, I didn’t like anything, the dull system of dialogues, a terrible control, a terrible interface. Moreover, I frightened me with my old age and the difficulty that I decided not to take risks and not try Morovind (now spitting will fly into me, but I realize it as if deservedly, forgive the fans of Morrah🤧🙏)

Well, on this my game experience would be ended if my old man is not dead. And in the 19th I take the laptop more powerful. True, by that time I finally decided that it was better than Skyrim, I won’t play anything, it remains to wait for a new Tes. (And remember yes? Then they still released the teaser). But to play Skyrim, I just got sick of 19. He no longer brought me pleasure from research, as I have already forgotten the whole card. And I decided to play something new, you have there, youth have popular now. Well, of course, Genshin Ahah. Okay, this is a cool thing for the digiriberic, in good terms, but let’s talk about the games that I have passed and consider them masterpieces. I will try briefly:

The first I went through the witcher 2. And he showed me what an excellent plot and charismatic pretty heroes are. And also, it turns out that even a linear plot can be diverse, and at each level (locations) there are many interesting events. And the most important thing that struck me – your decisions affect the course of events, it’s just wow. Now I praised that I wanted to re -catch))

Immediately after that I went through a witcher 3. Of course a masterpiece. Even more interesting characters, even more in -game events. And just an amazing visual. Sometimes I just stopped to look at the sunset/dawn in a particular area. The world is huge, cities similar to cities, not villages. And the cities are not empty, a lot of non -passage, a lot of geese! (Damn it, cats, geese -my respect). I think this is what would benefit the new Tes – filling the streets with decorative non -pains, but it will not be possible to chat with them, they will not be able to tell you "I follow you, Katjit", But this is really what will make the world a little more lively. By the way, both the second and the third witcher introduced me to the different mechanics of the fighting. Now, when I recall Sky, the eye begins nervously, from the presentation of the enemy’s shut up with a stick.

Then I missed the atmosphere of Skyrim (yes, it’s hard to get off with something when I spent 8 years old!) And in my field of view appeared endural. I heard about him before, but with a spell "Establishment of mods" I have not possessed, and still do not possess (this magic is incomprehensible to me). But this time I found out that he was released with a separate game, so I decided to try and. Oh my god, this was the best solution in my whole life! Seriously, this is currently the best game that I have passed. It has its drawbacks, but the biggest plus is that Endural took and worked all the jambs and shortcomings of Skyrim and turned it into advantages. The plot is one of the best aspects of this game, and it has not enough of them. I would still like to paint a lot than Endiral better than the fifth scrolls, but I wrote a lot of Bukaf, so I will mention the last game that conquered my heart and is definitely masterful –

Well, of course, this is Baldurs Gate 3. At first I thought: how a game with a view of the top can achieve that level of immersion as a game with a view of the first/third person? But Lariona just took it and did it. The fact is that the availability of cat scenes for any case of life, every step – practically erase the boundaries of the game where you are just "You put on the cells" And you interact more and more with the world, with the characters (I don’t have to call them the language does not turn them). It was a truly fascinating DND adventure, which, it seems to me, even surpassed the DND itself in some way.

Ancient scrolls are not about the plot, not about an exciting fighting, not about the delaying Gwind, not about interesting mechanics, not about epic catwalks (Internet cinema). Ancient scrolls about ENT, Easter ladies, and references to yourself. But many points, of those games that struck me, would have been beneficial to the scrolls. Skyrim, although I haven’t played Neno for a long time – still my first game that introduced me to the amazing world of Nirna. And I would like the sixth Tes to stay somewhere there in the year 11, while the game industry commits more and more shocking revolutions.

I hope I did not strangle you all with this stream of thoughts, I just wanted to show what exactly there are not enough conversation games based on my game experience.