Today will be released by the release of Luther-Shuther Witchfire

Today will be released by the release of Luther-Shuther Witchfire

The Witchfire Luther Shuther, announced back in 2017, finally comes out in the early access, which was reported by the developers from The Astronauts.

Witchfire events occur in the era of witch hunting. Players have to destroy monsters, armed with magic and firearms created by the best sorcerers of the Vatican. The purpose of the game will be to search for a witch of the Black Sea and the destruction of her ghostly army to return the mysterious artifact.

Witchfire will be released today at 17:00 Moscow time as an exclusive Epic Games Store "about one year".

early access is not a release. Release is version 1.0, and early access – Early Access, Beta Test, version 0.01-0.99. And also games may not get out of early access (become abandoned projects), or, as often happens, can be released but in fact without changing anything during the transition, but Witchfire does not threaten, there is funding, creative and labor force sufficient to bring the ideas to the completed state on the release. And early access always differs from the release version with content, for example, at the time of release to early access to the game there will be 1 chapter, and in the release – five, the same can be with weapons \ enemies \ Luta, that is, about 1: 5 readiness of the whole Games to the release.

Waiting for a normal release in a year. Just patches, DLS are getting.

The maximum that in a year this release version in Steam and EGS can be released

The game was transferred many times, finished so that everything was smooth on the release, I do not think that any corrections would immediately fly.

Surprisingly playing in very good condition

Fine. So on the release in Steam will be even better.

The plot will at least be in this game, or purely stupid?

Well, the jokes should be suitable, all the same it was made by immigrants from People Can Fly, there is a 30-minute roller of Gameplay on the network, judging by the chordcore will be the same as in the good old days)))

The plot is to knead everyone 😁.

Remember what Karmak said about the plot in shooters

Karmikel simply never knew how to

I like it when there is magic and firearm. My favorite attacks in games.

I think no. Yes, and there was no information.

I will wait for a full -fledged release in Steam. But I have great hopes like a fan of Paynkeller.

She wakes up the Epic Games Stor Ekskluziv

Babel Fight, Town Fight Music) also fan painkiller)

I even have a fighting music from it ^_ ^even on the phone as a ringtones

By the way, I myself only recently found out who wrote the soundtrack (Polish Metal Group Mech), and found the corresponding album on the torrent. There, in addition to better quality, there are entry to some tracks, as well as their names. I write just in case, suddenly not everyone knows πŸ™‚ Here is the cover:

Resembles Varhammer vermintide, when playing not with a little girl, but with guns. Entourage, menu, gameplay, everything is quite like.

The main thing is that they would not shove it there, nothing is heard about protection so far.

Well, yes, the availability on torrents is the most important thing for the game

News is worth reading completely. The game is in early access. What Denuva?

There were games where Denuva was in early access, for example – Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Heh, did not even assume. And I haven’t heard about this game. Checked and fucked up – a turkey -off turkey in early access. Thank you kind person, I opened my eyes.

Denuvo will be interesting

Yes, I was shook for the truth of vegetables alone are sitting here

I ran a demo and I want to share my impressions. I liked the artificial intelligence of enemies – they do not notice you from anywhere in the map, even through the walls, but are actively trying to track your last position. Despite the absence of stealth mechanic, bypass enemies and put hedshots delivers. In battles, the enemies are not limited to stupidly sitting still and wait for your bullet. They are constantly teleported to attack you from unexpected directions, which creates a powerful dynamics of shootings and makes you use their abilities. Another advantage is different damage from weapons at different distances, which does not depend on pumping and adds variety to the game arsenal. For example, a shotgun is useless at an average distance, and it is simply not real. And the design of the weapon itself and its feeling in the game – at the highest level. At the moment, I tried only 5 different types of weapons, not counting the crossbow, and each of them left a good impression. The game is not easy, and passing it is a real pleasure. The locations were also surprised by their beauty, and adding the possibility of parkour on the roofs, as in Cyberpanka (who played he will understand), makes it possible to shoot away from mini bosses due to shelters on the roofs. I don’t know if this chip will be cut out on the release, but it looks funny.

Sorry for illiteracy but what does early access mean?

This is access, but only early. You can say in the morning

This is when the working build, but not all the content) I think if at least no more than a year – norms. And when it stretches for years and may not even go into a full release.

There is no English in the game

And the new Painkiller is weak?

Dead upon arrival

How does this exclusivity of Epic Store enrage.

How do these pymodrichs enrage

How are these whiners enraged

But Steam has a Steam Deck portable and official Linux support. So. Steam is much better than an all -era -in egs.

Firstly, as far as I know, you can put games not from Steam on Steam Decout,