Todd Howard about The Elder Scrolls 6: “We want to create a perfect simulator of the fantasy world”

Todd Howard about The Elder Scrolls 6: “We want to create a perfect simulator of the fantasy world”

In addition to Starfield, Todd Howard from Bethesda spoke about The Elder Scrolls VI in an interview with GQ magazine, where he hinted that he would like to continue developing games forever, but at the same time noted that perhaps the announcement of the game was premature.

The announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI took place in June 2018, and since then there was practically nothing about the game, even the final name. In an interview, Howard said that he was thinking several times about whether it was the right time for the announcement: "I don’t know. Perhaps I would announce this more unofficial", – He concluded.

According to him, The Elder Scrolls VI already has a code name, but he did not disclose it. As he did not disclose any specific details, saying only that "She will play the role of a perfect fantasy world simulator. You can do this in different ways, given the past time". What can mean a lot.

I will say that we want it to play the role of a perfect simulator of the fantasy world. And there are different ways to achieve this, given the past time

Speaking about his retirement (Howard 53 years), he said that he would like to work for a long time:

I would like to do it forever. I think that my work style will change, but. Look at Miyamoto. He is still in business.

Do not forget that in addition to working on soon Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, Howard is also the executive producer of the game about Indiana Jones developed by Machine Games. In a word, he has no shortage of obligations.

Translation: 3 publications are good, but we strive for 6

Maybe our children will wait for the sixth scrolls

As for me – sounds alarming.

It is one thing to make a large -scale fantasy game with an interesting plot – and is another matter to make a grinding simulator.

Well, Betesda’s games were not with a particularly interesting plot (but not Loro, ENT interesting). They are appreciated for an interesting open world and the spirit of adventure

I already already imagine, they will make a big empty world, a story for five hours, and they will give all the tools for the moders .Sold for Ful Price as for aaa project .After a couple of years, Goti’s editions with mods will be released, and again they will sell according to Ful Price .I think not a bad scheme) PS is no longer a faith)

At least one Tes has a tram?

In the first parts for example)

And also these random dialogs from Oblivion)

ZBS, I remembered games from the 90s. And what is wrong with dialogs in Oblivion?

Dialogs with each other were generated randomly because of which the delirium of the drug addict was obtained. )

With the same wooden characters who go on rails.

I have already written on other forums that modern Phenetesic RPG should be done with an eye on historical RTS, but not give the player a classic strategic management "above", Do not even let even command the troops, but to make it possible to feel like a lone unit, abandoned in the middle of, for example, eight fighting sides (as in Age of Empires II or Heroes of Might and Magic III). And now, as the time of time, AI, which controls eight fractions, will try to periodically seize the territory at each other, declare small -town wars or sarcastically beg the tribute, promising peace or destruction. The hero will be the same unit, which kings of the AI ​​is entrusted with regularly escort the convoys with a tribute here and there. Then they hire the player to the monastery – to go to the monk to treat the military in front -line villages, avoiding ambushes on the roads or make a sortie with an equestrian archers into the rear of the enemy. And such tasks should be regular. At the end of the plot, everything can capture one side. And now, now optional quests for the preparation of the rebels, the division of the kingdom, the restoration of the overthrown dynasties and the emergence of new fractions, which the player can either bring to a new government, or betray halfway to the seizure of the first province are appearing. That is, the world of the game even after all the plot lines would continue to develop in random order. There would be not a single new game with the same possession card.

It would be possible to even realize the seizure of the territory provinces, in order to maintain aesthetic plans of cities and terrain.