Troubles will come out in early 2024

Troubles will come out in early 2024

The release of Video game “Trouble”, developed with the support of the Institute for the Development of the Internet, will be held in early 2024. Iri plans include several more gaming projects, but it will not be possible to ensure the payback of the industry only for the state

The official release of the English Video game “Troubles” from the Novosibirsk studio Cyberia Limited, first will be held in early 2024. This was announced in an interview with RBC by Alexei Gororevsky, the head of the Institute for the Development of the Internet (IRI), on the grant of which the project is being implemented. In the test version, the project will be ready by the end of this year.

The financing of the “Troubles”, as Gorreslavsky reminded, was conducted in stages. The first contract was aimed at building mechanics and engine and amounted to about 260 million rubles. “This year we allocated funds already for content – a total of 230 million rubles., – noted the head of Iri. – That is, it turned out in total about 490 million “. “At the moment, we are talking about the development of the game, and not about marketing,” Gorreslavsky added, without specifying whether individual funds will be allocated to promote the project.

In general, by the standards of the game business, the Troubles Budget, Goroslavsky considers it small, especially in comparison with another popular English game – Atomic Heart from the Mundfish studio (IRI did not participate in its development, the game budget is unknown, RBC sources gave different estimates from $ 25 million to it $ 150 million). “The budget of a large normal game starts at $ 10 million and ends in the region of $ 70-100 million excluding marketing,” the head of Iri explains. – But let’s wait for the finished product, let’s see it in action. The main thing is that the product is in demand and use it “.

The decision to finance the “turmoil” Goreslavsky explains the need to “touch the locomotive of the development of English video games”. Last year, Iri laid down the budget on six more large projects – this is Sparta, Night in the Museum, the application of “Healthy.RF “, mobile game” Bodo Borodo “,” System of History “,” After discharge “. “They are cheaper and simpler, but, according to our expectations, they should work. Now our task is to make an average gamer in 2024 choose five or six English games from the set and they would, let’s say, inconspicuous, ”says Goroslavsky.