Vampire Survivors will receive a new patch in May and update 1.5 in the summer

Vampire Survivors will receive a new patch in May and update 1.5 in the summer

The Poncle team has published plans for the future of Vampire Survivors, which include new free updates for the game with content and balance sheet changes. The first update will be small and will arrive in May. In summer, more significant.

The developers in the post for the Steam community told what they are currently working on. In particular, a small patch is planned for May, with “minor additions and corrections“, Like a detailed card for stages entered with DLC Tides of the Foscari.

In the summer, the Vampire Survivors 1 update will be released.5. In this regard, the exact details are not disclosed, but they promise that it will be comparable to the update of Bat Country and present new stages, relics and so on, and the team will try to offer content again “different from the usual“.

The occasion will return to the game.

Seriously? There every couple of months the new DLS comes out.

Honestly, the game has outlived itself in the main company completely: with open heroes, knowledge of strategy and a bunch of skills, you can easily endure everyone and everything. Set maximum difficulty, run for half an hour, turn on the car rolling, go to bed, and in the morning to see a living hero, mountains of gold and a three -digit status of objects.

And these DLS are already frankly picked up. Indeed, why will I cut a new part or even more a different game, when you can drink any new tinsel, a new thing and get donates, the main thing is not to forget to add new Achivka so that the people from the hook do not get off and continue to return to the routine. The latest update did not fundamentally acquire, I will wait until the summer sale, there is just one more release, and I will buy the last time already buying. In time, you also need to be able to leave, with his shooting support and paid dopes, the author ruined the opinion from the initial idea.

P.With. I switched my attention to "Brotato", I have to get out of early access soon.