Video Star Citizen with the participation of the character Garman Hambla left the community in confusion

Video Star Citizen with the participation of the character Garman Hambla left the community in confusion

Today, the developer of Star Citizen Cloud Imperium Games has released two funny videos with participation "Garman Hambla, Security Specialist", Leaving the community in confusion.

The rollers are shown rude, but pretty "Surprising Safety Specialist" named Garman Humble, who is fighting criminals in verses. In the first video, Garman saves a person robbed in zone 18, in the center similar to Coruscant of the Urbanist planet Arccorp. Having neutrally aggressor, our hero begins to eat Burritis, which in Star Citizen is one of the main dishes. There is not much exposition in the video, but this is a good look at Aera 18, which, despite the fact that it was implemented several years ago, looks quite spectacular.

The second video is even more interesting, since it tells about Pyro, a completely new system with completely new planets, which has just been implemented in its own test environment and soon (we hope) will be integrated with Stanton through the transition point.

This time we see one of the most technically impressive Star Citizen elements – the ability to transport vehicles and spaceships inside other ships and, if desired, drive them in flight and even jump out of them.

Of course, all this also ends with a well -deserved burritus.

Despite the fact that both videos are very funny and well demonstrated by some interesting things that can be done in the game, they also left the community in some confusion.

Cloud Imperium Games did not give any explanation about their existence and purpose.

Are they just entertaining? It is assumed that they are dedicated to the intergalactic aerospace exhibition and its free flight event? Maybe they replace Jax McCleary and his fakes under Top Gear, which were an integral part of IAE in previous years, until their main character got lost in the Pyro system? Perhaps they can even be a teaser of an updated system of head hunters.

While Cloud Imperium Games does not say a word about them.

In the meantime, Star Citizen is in the public domain until November 30, and you can try it yourself, as well as more than 100 of its ships and vehicles to find out if you can repeat the exploits of Garman Hamble.

Star Citizen is in a state of alpha version of the early access for PCs (other platforms are not planned) and is funded by one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns in the history: the players collected 627,781,787 dollars. The game also registered 4 907 181 user, but not all of them are paid. Many simply made accounts to participate in free events similar to what is going on now.

The development of a single -user prequel called Squadron 42 is also in the development, and recently we learned that it is already completely ready. The release date has not yet been announced.